NORTH VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Sept. 1, 2015) - Aurora Solar Technologies Inc. (TSX VENTURE:ACU) ("Aurora"), a leader in inline measurement and control technology for the photovoltaic manufacturing industry, is pleased to announce the completion of the company's first benchmarking project in China. The focus of the project was to characterize performance during the emitter diffusion process, a key step in determining the efficiency of finished solar cells. Diffusion furnaces from both a Chinese vendor and a European vendor were selected for benchmarking.

During the benchmarking tests, emitter sheet resistance of the wafers from entire diffusion batches were measured using Aurora's Decima™ 3T. The wafer position in each batch and the sheet resistance measurements were recorded by Veritas™, which then provided a spatially-resolved 3D map of the behaviour of the emitter diffusion process inside each furnace. This detailed information, analogous to an MRI or CT scan of the furnaces, provided unique information that can be used for optimization and control of this key process step.

The project revealed marked variation patterns in each batch, with as much as 21 percent of all measurements falling outside of specification limits.

"In contrast to common practice where only one to two percent of the wafers within each diffusion batch are sampled, Aurora Solar Technologies has proven that with measurement of every wafer we provide our customers with detailed insight into the process that creates the emitter, the single most important manufacturing step that dictates the electrical efficiency of solar cells. PV cell manufacturers have used the information provided by our products to make better diffusion vendor decisions, tighten bin distribution and improve overall cell efficiencies," said Greg Ayres, Aurora's Chief Operating Officer.

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Aurora Solar Technologies Inc. produces measurement and control solutions which allow solar cell producers to improve manufacturing yield, lower costs, decrease waste and attain higher margins. Headquartered in North Vancouver, Canada, and founded by experienced leaders in process measurement, semiconductor manufacturing and industrial automation, the Company's shares are listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and trade under the symbol "ACU". The Company was formerly "ACT Aurora Control Technologies". For more information, Aurora's website is located at

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