CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Sep 2, 2015) - Cellcontrol, maker of the world's leading technology to stop distracted driving, will be launching a beta program for an app-only UBI solution capable of distinguishing driver trips from passenger trips at the Insurance Telematics show in Chicago. This groundbreaking smartphone application, will be available for iPhone and Android. The solution is accurate from the very first trip and continues to improve with each successive trip without a lengthy learning period.

Cellcontrol's latest safe driving application detects a host of trip data including, speed, harsh breaking and cornering. Additionally, Cellcontrol's distracted driving audit system also detects and reports on phone usage behavior that could present a danger to the insured and a liability to the insurer, including: phone calls, texts and attempts to access applications on the phone. At the end of each trip, driver's and account administrators are sent reports that detail the various events of the trip, as well as, how they could improve their driving habits.

"This solution solves one of the biggest issues with application-only UBI solutions, namely passenger trips affecting the driver's score," said Cellcontrol CTO, Joe Breaux. "With the ability to accurately distinguish driver trips from passenger trips, application only UBI solutions will now be more viable from a scoring/rating perspective. And this type of feedback compliments our distracted driving auditing and prevention suite of solutions, enabling Cellcontrol to truly reduce risk for Insurance companies and their clients."

Companies interested in being included in the private beta can stop by the Cellcontrol kiosk at Insurance Telematics 2015 in Chicago, IL, for more information and to sign up. More information about Cellcontrol can be found online at

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