SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 3, 2015) - LiftIgniter, the leading machine learning personalization company, today announces it's now enabling billions of recommendations a month -- just over a year after graduating Y Combinator and raising a significant funding round.

Working with publisher and e-commerce websites, LiftIgniter dramatically increases website visitors' click through rates with automated personalized recommendations for additional content at every interaction point. For example, if a user clicks on shoes, LiftIgniter's personalization technology will show additional items to complete a personalized outfit.

The company achieves 20 to 100-percent improvement in click through rates, engagement and conversion for clients -- a significant increase from the 3 to 10-percent average.

"We are riding a wave of innovations in big data, including discovery of powerful machine learning algorithms. This enabled us to build the kind of personalization system beyond the reach of any but the largest companies, like Google and Facebook," said Indraneel Mukherjee, founder and CEO. "Our technology is critical to anyone who cares about highly engaged, returning and converting users through real-time mass personalization on the Internet."

LiftIgniter gained the recognition of Silicon Valley investors and received funding from: Khosla Ventures; SV Angel; Data Collective; Initialized Capital; Scott Banister, Uber and Zappos investor; Alexander Gerko, GSA Capital Partners; Adrian Aoun, founder of Wavii; Marc Pincus, co-founder of Zynga; and Jeff Epstein, Bessemer Venture Partners.

"LiftIgniter's experienced team of top quant PhDs and its strong proprietary technology accurately forecast and react to website visitors' preferences without human oversight, which was never before possible," said Jeff Epstein. "We continue to see huge promise and potential from LiftIgniter."

One of the only companies who delivers a constant, automated, real-time personalization engine specific to every user on any given site and app, LiftIgniter helps customers avoid static websites to increase engagement, revenue and decrease marketing spend. 

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LiftIgniter is a machine learning company based in San Francisco. Our team of top engineers produces dramatic improvements in click-through-rates (CTR), engagement and conversion for publishers and e-commerce companies. Our technology enables us to review hundreds of millions of website features in real-time to determine the perfect piece of content to show each visitor at any point.

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