NORTH READING, MA--(Marketwired - Sep 3, 2015) -  TraceLink Inc., the world's largest track and trace network for connecting the Life Sciences supply chain and eliminating counterfeit prescription drugs from the global marketplace, today announced major innovations to its Life Sciences Cloud platform with the most comprehensive family of integrated global serialization, track and trace, and reporting solutions that outperform any other compliance solution on the market.

Version 6.1 of the Life Sciences Cloud delivers fully integrated applications for commissioning and managing serial numbers, executing compliance workflows for government reporting, generating data reports for serial number analysis, and utilizing enterprise EPCIS data exchange -- all of which eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming customizations to achieve regulatory compliance across multiple geographies. In addition, while the performance of other track and trace systems typically suffers as serial number repositories grow in size, TraceLink has engineered unprecedented serial number read and write speeds of 75,000 per second and 5,500 per second, respectively, all while the Life Sciences Cloud operates at scale managing billions of serial numbers -- and tens of billions of events annually on a per-company basis. Customers and prospects can preview these innovations, all of which are live in production and available immediately, by viewing the Life Sciences Cloud 6.1: At a Glance video on 

"Global track and trace presents a broad range of complex challenges, and most solution providers are just not capable of addressing the full scope regulations across multiple geographies. As a result, some can only offer a partial solution, while others must augment their systems with customizations implemented by a range of third-party vendors with varying levels of expertise. Neither approach is ideal, and both introduce a great deal of risk for companies that must achieve compliance in order to operate successfully," said Shabbir Dahod, president and CEO of TraceLink. "With our growing network of nearly 200,000 pharmaceutical suppliers, 16 of the top-20 global pharma companies, all of the top five global Biotech companies, and 680 CMOs integrating to TraceLink for global serialization, the Life Sciences Cloud is the only proven integrated solutions platform for the life sciences industry. The latest innovations we've made to the platform underscore TraceLink's differentiated approach -- and just how far ahead of the competition we are in delivering the industry specific functionality and scalable system performance that the industry as a whole needs to achieve long-term success."

The Life Sciences Cloud 6.1: New Functionality and Breakthrough Performance

The latest advancements to the to Life Sciences Cloud expand the platform's integrated global serialization and track and trace capabilities, giving customers greater flexibility in the way they meet different compliance requirements in different countries across the globe. Version 6.1 offers a range of new software modules, functionality enhancements to existing applications, and unparalleled system performance. Highlights include:

  • Product Track Brazil -- a new software module that supports specific trade partner data exchange and compliance workflows required to meet Brazil RDC54, and captures downstream trade partner events required for ANVISA government reporting events. Users can set their preferred language to Portuguese and apply the changes to both the Product Track Brazil and Serialized Operations Manager modules.
  • GS1 EPCIS Brazil Traceability Guideline support -- the first compliance solution to adopt the newly developed EPCIS-based implementation guideline for Brazil, including support for local identifiers, specific transaction document requirements, and alignment of RDC 54 events to existing global EPCIS events.
  • EU Government Reporting -- a new software module that supports specific compliance workflows to generate EU Hub compliance reporting and allows customers to search and view submitted EU compliance reports required by the EU Hub. As the EU finalizes the specifics of the False Medicines Directive (FMD) in the future, users will be able to test the reporting functionality against the latest EU requirements. 
  • Serial number reporting  -- a major enhancement to the Serialized Operations Manager module that allows users to create and download Excel reports to view and analyze serial number data. Users can generate reports for both uncommissioned and commissioned serial numbers, with the ability to report on commissioned, deactivated, destroyed, encoded, and reserved numbers; view serial number status and aggregation hierarchies; and associate serial numbers with internal material numbers or country drug codes. Customers can also run reports on a particular lot or batch.
  • Serial number commissioning directly within the Serialized Operations Manager user interface -- allowing customers to save time by commissioning serial numbers in a few simple steps and establish additional serial number variables or attributes as required.
  • Expanded EPCIS Support -- supporting full integration with enterprise EPCIS, including EPCIS data exchange with virtual partners to keep your system up to date with event information that partners have performed on products.
  • New ASN transaction exchange capabilities in Product Track US -- allowing users to report on confirmation status of all Transaction Histories and exchanges for every shipment sent to, and received by, trade partners. Customers are able to receive automatic alerts identifying shipments with exceptions that might result in quarantined product, and can void specific Transaction Histories in deliveries as needed, rather than voiding the entire delivery.
  • Unprecedented system performance -- enabling customers to execute processing intensive tasks while the Life Sciences Cloud platform operates at scale managing billions of events. Version 6.1 of the Life Sciences Cloud allows customers to read 75,000 serial numbers per second, and write 5,500 serial numbers per second -- representing combined volumes, processing speeds and scale that other serial number repositories are not able to compute.
  • User interface enhancements -- providing users with a streamlined software interface that simplifies navigation and the ability to customize application workspaces once they log in to the system.

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About TraceLink
TraceLink is the world's largest track and trace network for connecting the Life Sciences supply chain and eliminating counterfeit prescription drugs from the global marketplace. Leading businesses, including 16 of the top-20 global pharmaceutical companies, trust the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud to deliver complete global connectivity, visibility and traceability of pharmaceuticals from ingredient to patient. A single point and click connection to the Life Sciences Cloud creates a supply chain control tower that delivers the information, insight and collaboration needed to improve performance and reduce risk across global supply, manufacturing and distribution operations. Winner of numerous industry awards including the Amazon AWS Global Start-Up Challenge Grand Prize and the Edison Award for Innovation in Health Management, the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud is used by businesses across the globe to meet strategic goals in ensuring global compliance, fighting drug counterfeiting, improving on-time and in-full delivery, protecting product quality and reducing operational cost. For more information on TraceLink and our solutions, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

TraceLink is funded by FirstMark Capital, Volition Capital and Fidelity Biosciences.

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