MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - Sep 4, 2015) -  Barbara Palacios, former Miss Universe, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and one of the most powerful women of 2014 according to PEOPLE magazine has launched INSPIRA NOVAXANTHIN, an exclusive line of age-defying products that will now be sold in the U.S.

INSPIRA NOVAXANTHIN is a breakthrough line of all natural skincare products developed to fight against the visible signs of aging and improve skin condition over time, featuring Astaxanthin, touted as "the most powerful antioxidant in the world," which Palacios herself has been consuming for many years.

Her pursuit to have a more natural way of living led her to always keep a diet rich in seafood, such as shellfish and salmon, which are natural sources of Astaxanthin. This discovery led her to New Zealand, where she began to unravel the secret behind the science of beauty: a revolutionary research about a micro-algae revealed as the most potent natural source of Astaxanthin.

Aging is the result of damage to cells and tissues inflicted by free radicals, such as the ones caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight, smoke, pollution, food additives and chemicals found in cosmetics. This process is called "oxidation" of the skin. Astaxanthin mops up more free radicals than any other antioxidant, thus reducing the process of aging.

Furthermore, recent studies have shown Astaxanthin to be 6,000 times more powerful than Vitamin C, 3,000 times more powerful than Resveratrol, 800 times Co-Q10 and even 550 times more than green tea.

These products, exclusive from INSPIRA, are the first in the market to offer a complete system to promote an age-defying solution that works on the external layers of the skin from the inside out. The INSPIRA NOVAXANTHIN Age-Defying product line is comprised of a serum, a moisturizer and ingestible capsules. Its unique formulation has been designed to preserve the underlying structure of the skin, reducing and reversing wrinkles, and preventing formation of age spots and skin discolorations. 

Through INSPIRA, Barbara Palacios brings the amazing benefits and beauty secrets of Astaxanthin to the U.S. Beyond the innovative suite of products and its business opportunity, INSPIRA also offers a proprietary personal development platform, based on Palacio's "9 Steps" program, which provides each individual the tools and resources to live a more beautiful life. 

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About Barbara Palacios
After becoming Miss Universe in 1986, Barbara launched her career as a television host and brand image for the global beauty care industry, solidifying her role as a worldwide icon. Her extensive experience in the business arena, including advertising and marketing studies, as well as working at advertising agencies, helped to develop her entrepreneurial vision. One of the important qualities for which she has always been known is her humanitarian sensibility, which is evident in her pursuit to inspire others and foster the personal growth of those around her. Through inspirational books and conferences, Barbara has traveled the world enlightening the lives of thousands of people who seek well-being for themselves and their families. Her books, "The Beauty of Knowing How to Live" and "Far From my Shadow, Close to the Light" have reached significant international success and have generated a great number of followers and fans from different countries that seek her comprehensive inspirational advice, with the objective of achieving a better quality of life. Barbara founded INSPIRA; a U.S. based relationship-marketing company to bring you the opportunity to enjoy a more beautiful life through financial and personal development.

INSPIRA is a U.S.-based relationship marketing company dedicated to bringing to the world the breakthrough INSPIRA NOVAXANTHIN, an exclusive line of age defying skin care products featuring Astaxanthin, the "most powerful antioxidant in the world." This innovative network marketing company was created with a best-in-class career path in mind. Developed by top advisors from the direct selling industry, INSPIRA's opportunity is designed to reward its distributors with lucrative immediate income and long-term life changing residual earnings. Incorporating a proprietary personal development program with an easy to understand compensation plan, they will be inspired to live a more beautiful life through financial and personal development. At INSPIRA we are committed to your total well being from the inside out.

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