LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - Sept. 4, 2015) - Arguably no other type of company has capitalised on the financial crisis quite like discount retailers, and in Europe a new brand of low-cost, no-frills supermarket is fast gaining market share. A new European CEO report takes a look at the thriving German retailers Aldi and Lidl and how their business model, combined with an accommodating retail environment, has propelled them to the top of the pile.

"This winning formula has allowed the two supermarkets to grow much faster than the UK's 'big four' supermarket chains", according to the European CEO report. "One of the best ways to disrupt a market is to differentiate your business from the rest of the crowd." The report delves into the less-is-more approach, and how discount retailers have used it to good effect in a climate where shoppers are less inclined to fork out for expensive products.

Looking at the strategies employed by these budget retailers and the ways in which external factors have handed them a pick-me-up, European CEO casts an analytical eye over the transformation sweeping the retail market. "The real force shaking up the UK grocery market is the tightening of household incomes, which has created a much larger market for the likes of Aldi and Lidl to capitalise on, and has stripped away a portion of the market from middle-ground retailers like the big four," continues the European CEO report.

To read the story in full, alongside a series of others on European lifestyle, business, management and finance, see the latest issue of European CEO, available in print and online now.

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