OAKLAND PARK, FL--(Marketwired - Sep 4, 2015) - Instead of going for the hotdog this Labor Day, you might want to choose the grilled chicken. A new study conducted by researchers at Binghamton University, Washington State University, and the University of Washington has revealed a possible connection between high-fat diets and overeating. Using rats as subjects, researchers found that high-fat diets caused a significant change in the populations of gut bacteria. These changes in populations can result in inflammation that damage the nerve cells that carry signals from the gut to the brain. Cutting off the signals that indicate fullness.

Krzysztof Czaja, DVM, Ph.D., an associate professor of neuroanatomy at the University of Georgia and a principal investigator, explained, "The brain is changed by eating unbalanced foods. It induces inflammation in the brain regions responsible for feeding behavior. Those reorganized circuits and inflammation may alter satiety signaling."

Ever wonder why you couldn't stop at one slice of pizza and in turn ended up eating half a pie? It wasn't because you weren't full. It may have been because high-fat foods prevented your stomach from signaling your brain. This then would cause you to overeat. A solution would be to avoid unbalanced foods in general. You should concentrate on eating foods that provide a variety of nutrients and avoid modified foods that are high in fat and sugar.

Of course this is always easier said than done. When it comes to eating a healthy and balanced diet, calories need to be monitored, portions need to be controlled, and nutritional labels need to be studied. With half of salaried workers working 50 hours or more, who has the time to do all that work when fast food is much easier to buy and eat? A saving grace has been meal providers and delivery services. Companies such as Gourmet Daily make eating healthy and controlling your diet easier for the average working American by offering daily delivered meals that are balanced and pre-portioned.

The study is set to be presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (an organization devoted to research into all aspects of eating and drinking behavior).

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