EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Sept. 7, 2015) - Canadian workers need a federal government that will respect their rights.

This Labour Day, the Alberta Federation of Labour is urging Canadian workers to vote for candidates who will be allies in ensuring safe workplaces, strong collective bargaining, retirement security, and quality public services.

"On October 19, Canadian workers have a stark choice between politicians intent on enriching their already affluent friends, and candidates who will fight for workers' rights and for the middle class," AFL Secretary Treasurer Siobhán Vipond said. "The labour movement has won a lot of victories for workers, regardless of which party has been in office. But more gets accomplished when we are not fighting an uphill battle."

Recent governments in Ottawa have passed legislation that violates the rights of workers to bargain collectively, including private members' bill C-377, which imposes onerous and punitive accounting measures on unions.

"This Labour Day, remember that workers have a right to be heard, and that workers can make a difference for a better Canada," Vipond said. "The greatest accomplishments of unions haven't just been won at the bargaining table - they've also been won at the ballot box. This October, workers can win a major victory in building the type of country we can be proud of."

Although the Prime Minister dropped the writ for a federal election more than a month ago, as Canadians return from summer holidays and start going back to school, they're likelier to start paying attention to the campaign after Labour Day.

"With just 42 days left before ballots are cast, this is going to be an intense six weeks of campaigning," Vipond said. "And the efforts of labour activists are going to be crucial in electing a government that respects the rights of workers.

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Communications Director
Alberta Federation of Labour
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