DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Sep 8, 2015) - Parks Associates will host the second annual Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers, September 9-10, at the Omni Hotel in San Diego. Over 250 executives will attend, and keynote speakers will include executives from Cerner, CVS, AT&T, Kaiser Permanente, and Humana. Registration is open, and media are invited to register for a press pass.

"The journey to a consumer-centric care model has entered the deep-sea zone, where the healthcare and tech industries fully embrace the need for active consumer participation and engagement," said Harry Wang, Director, Health & Mobile Product Research, Parks Associates. "Such an outcome requires an understanding of what consumers believe, their desires and motivations, and what drives them to change. The tech and healthcare industries, if they are to succeed in this new era in healthcare, must be able to leverage this knowledge in designing new healthcare solutions."

"Connected Health Summit focuses on the consumer perspective of the fast-growing digital health market and the strategies to deliver the tools to consumers to help them engage in better self-care," said Jennifer Kent, Director, Research Quality & Product Development, Parks Associates. "As the connected health market expands, it is attracting many nontraditional players, including service providers, smart home players, CE manufacturers, and app developers. We will examine the business models emerging from these new perspectives, including innovative partnerships and best practices to develop and deploy solutions that are both sustainable and effective in bringing about better care outcomes for consumers."

Parks Associates has been studying the digital health sector since 2006, analyzing the development of this market and the implications for multiple connected home industries. The connected health market has steadily moved past the trial phase, and now industry stakeholders must work together to provide investors, regulators, and payers with evidence that connected health technologies make a difference. The agenda for Connected Health Summit reflects this growing need for continuing development and improvement, covering all aspects from back-end technology solutions and regulations to consumer-facing health devices and apps.

Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers

September 9-10, 2015

Omni Hotel
675 L Street, Salon AB, 4th Floor
San Diego, CA 92114

Who attends:
Device makers and distributors
Healthcare providers
Insurance and health institutions
Software and app developers
Telecom and broadband service providers
Technology enablers
Brands and merchants
Mobile infrastructure providers

Registration: http://www.parksassociates.com/events/connected-health/register
Press passes: http://www.parksassociates.com/events/connected-health/media
Twitter: @CONN_Health_Smt
Agenda: https://www.parksassociates.com/events/connected-health/agenda

Keynote schedule: Wednesday, September 9:

  • 9:45 a.m. - "Connected Health, the Plecosystem, and the Gift Economy," John Mattison, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer & Assistant Medical Director, KAISER PERMANENTE
  • 11:45 a.m. - "Wellness 3.0: Creating a Culture of Wellness to Increase Health & Productivity," Kristine Mullen, Vice President, Wellness Strategies & Solutions, HUMANA
  • 4:00 p.m. - "Mobilizing Healthcare," Steve Burger, Area Vice President of Business Development & Connected Health, Internet of Things (IoT) Organization, AT&T

Thursday, September 10:

  • 9:45 a.m. - "Using Technology to Connect the Dots in the Retail Health Space," Tobias Barker, MD, Vice President of Medical, Operations, CVS/MinuteClinic, CVS HEALTH
  • 11:45 a.m. - "Connecting What Matters in Health and Care," Mike Heckman, Vice President, Population Health Services, CERNER CORPORATION

Sponsors of the event include CEA, Tata Consultancy Services, Validic, Care Innovations, Higi, Humana, MDLIVE, Alarm.com, Lowe's, ROC-Connect, Teladoc, Z-Wave, ZigBee Alliance, iTriage, MivaTek, and the National Sleep Foundation.

Media and organizations supporting the event include Validation Institute, BPI Network, Clinical Innovation + Technology, CoPE, Conference Guru, Disruptive Women in Health Care, EHR Intelligence, FierceHealthCare, FierceHealthIT, FierceMobileHealthcare, FiercePharma, GII, Healthcare Tech Talk, HealthIT Analytics, HealthIT Interoperability, iTelemedicine, Managed Care, mHealth Intelligence, Mind Commerce, PharmaVoice, SFBayEventsList.com, StartUp Health, Story of Digital Health, Telehealth & Telecare Aware, TeleMental Health Institute, The Journal of mHealth, and ZigBee Alliance.

To schedule an interview with a speaker or analyst, or to request specific research data, contact Holly Sprague at hsprague@gmail.com or 720-987-6614.

For more information on digital health research from Parks Associates, please visit http://www.parksassociates.com/category/digital-health.

About Connected Health Summit
Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers
analyzes the roles of connected health technologies and innovations in driving changes in consumer behaviors and business models. The event focuses on four areas of consumer health technologies in particular, which all require active consumer participation to be successful: remote health monitoring for accountable care, consumer-centric wellness and fitness solutions, independent living technologies and services, and innovative convenience care models.

The Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers will take place September 9-10 at the Omni Hotel in San Diego, CA. www.connectedhealthsummit.com. Follow the event on Twitter at @CONN_Health_Smt. Subscribe to Parks Associates' digital health newsletter at http://www.parksassociates.com/newsletters_subscribe.

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