LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Sep 8, 2015) - CTIA Super Mobility Week -- GreenIQ today announced its launch of the first 3G-enabled smart garden device, powered exclusively by AT&T. Whether on vacation or managing multiple client lawns, garden owners and lawn care professionals can now more easily manage irrigation systems and monitor water usage.

"We share a vision with GreenIQ. We want to bring greater connectivity to the home -- both indoors and outdoors -- so customers can lead a more connected life. We're proud to be the only U.S. wireless network provider for the GreenIQ connected product," said Chris Penrose, senior vice president, Internet of Things Solutions, AT&T.

The Israeli Internet of Things (IoT) startup announces another industry first with the integration of a flow meter to the Smart Garden Hub. The new feature will enable volumetric watering, in addition to irrigation scheduling, allowing for more precise water usage monitoring and earlier detection of leakages and pipe bursts. As a result, customers can save even more on their water bills.

Smart gardening with 3G power
Now armed with 3G capabilities, customers can water without worry. From managing one to several devices, garden lovers and lawn care professionals can choose from cellular or Wi-Fi. With the added connectivity, customers are given freedom and enhanced efficiency when dealing with every task, especially when dealing with larger green spaces like golf courses, football fields or enterprise campuses.

Available at the end of 2015, the 3G-enabled Hub will be offered through various distribution channels such as irrigation and lawn services companies, property management companies and more.

Industry-first volumetric monitoring capabilities saves even more water
With GreenIQ's new Hub flow meter technology and volumetric water measurement capabilities, customers can now be in greater control of their connected garden domain while dramatically improving water savings. Key benefits include:

  • Greater Water Savings Realized- By measuring water usage by volume rather than in units of time, customers can more accurately monitor water consumption.

  • Real-time Visibility and Water Usage Alerts- Customers can also better detect potential irrigation faults and review daily and weekly water consumption and savings reports to help pinpoint irrigation system anomalies.

  • Professional Advantage for Multiple Devices- From small gardens to large golf courses, GreenIQ's easy-to-use administrative app allows lawn care professionals to manage multiple devices and irrigation systems at any given time. The administrative app will be available later this year.

GreenIQ Native App Now Available
GreenIQ is also releasing its brand new iOS app, which entails a new design and enhanced reporting capabilities, such as irrigation scheduling, volumetric water savings and irrigation system operations alerts and notifications. The new app will also allow Hub customers to easily configure irrigation settings remotely, and, as the only smart garden device with a full ecosystem of smart devices and sensors, GreenIQ provides visibility to soil moisture and weather sensor data to help determine ideal watering conditions. GreenIQ will be launching its Android version of the app later this year.

"Our mission is to be the household name for the smart garden. We are committed to outdoor ecosystem innovation, so our customers can benefit from the ultimate smart garden experience, while protecting the planet and saving money at the same time," said Odi Dahan, founder and CEO at GreenIQ.

GreenIQ will be at this year's CTIA Super Mobility Week, and will demo its new 3G-enabled Smart Garden Hub in the AT&T booth, #3724. 

About GreenIQ
Founded in 2013, GreenIQ is an Internet of Things (IoT) startup that is leading the smart garden revolution. Ideal for home owners, professional gardeners, irrigation companies, commercial real estate and municipalities, GreenIQ's Smart Garden Hub, allows garden lovers to better control irrigation scheduling based on hyper-local weather information, saving up to 50% on outdoor water consumption. The Hub is easy to install and connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi, allowing it to be remotely controlled anywhere at any time via the GreenIQ app. The Hub is the only device that provides a full ecosystem for the outdoors, connecting to a wide variety of smart devices and sensors, including soil moisture sensors, weather reading stations and rain gauges to determine ideal watering conditions. GreenIQ is backed by Entree Capital and Gigi Levy among other investors, and its Hub was recently recognized for the Best of CES 2015 award. 

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