TAIPEI,TAIWAN--(Marketwired - Sep 8, 2015) -  Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) took a trip to Tokyo for the 80th Tokyo International Gift Show (TIGS 2015) from Sept. 2 through Sept. 4 in order to promote Taiwan Hakka industries internationalization, to facilitate cultural exchange with other countries, and to advertise Hakka TAIWAN specialties to the buyers all over the world. Participation in such a big event is expected to boost the visibility of Hakka specialties in the global arena and lead to an expansion of Hakka TAIWAN industries map. 

In recent years, HAC has made a committed effort to build the brand of "Hakka TAIWAN". By helping the brand prosper, HAC successfully incorporates high-quality Hakka specialties with Hakka traditional spirit and folklore and gives a higher significance to the Hakka specialty products. Meanwhile, HAC has recruited young talents to co-build a more innovative brand and hopefully realize industry internationalization. Not only have we introduced Hakka specialties at TIGS 2015, but we took this opportunity to get acquainted with global trends and connect with the international communities as well. Our Hakka TAIWAN Pavilion was constructed in an open-ended style, which boasts an exquisite window display and a themed exhibition with Hakka textile artworks so as to attract foreign buyers. In addition, we organized tea-serving ceremonies with oriental beauty tea and bitter orange tea on the venue every day while promoting the Hakka dialect through smart little games. 

The 25 specialty products that boast creativity and usefulness were all selected by a team of experts according to the criteria that comprises commodity quality, cultural features, production capability, and order taking ability to satisfy foreign purchasers. For example, as simple and likable as the artwork "Chinese Cabbage and the Cat" appears to be, it actually indicates the nobleness and integrity that the Hakka people have aspired to since ancient times. When we explained this to foreign buyers, they were all greatly intrigued and wanted to take one as a souvenir. Other things such as the lacquer and porcelain wares that are painted with Hakka Tung blossoms, indigo-dyed textiles that symbolize the Hakka's hardworking spirit, the oilpaper umbrellas that epitomize Hakka traditional craftsmanship, and non-chemical, handmade soap gift boxes, are all one-in-a-million commodities with cultural flavors and creativity. 

We have invited 82 foreign buyers for direct trade talks and gratefully discovered business opportunities and gained insight into the industry's trend. In the future, HAC will continue to attend international fairs and events, so as to introduce the Hakka's heart-felt hospitality and elegant simplicity and the brand of "Hakka TAIWAN" to the world via cultural exchange. We believe the creative design represented by Hakka TAIWAN's commodities will one day attract attention from the entire world and find a niche of its own in the global market.

About Hakka Affairs Council

Hakka Affairs Council (R.O.C.) is dedicated to promoting and developing the Hakka's cultural inheritance. The Council accomplishes this via participation in international consumer and industry exhibitions worldwide, presenting Hakka culture on the international stage with the showcasing of Hakka specialty industry efforts.

This "Hakka TAIWAN" classic-brand theme pavilion has over 20 selected Hakka specialty products on display. These premium items are expressions of the richness of Hakka cultural stories and meaning, and inviting better understanding of the Hakka, greater intimacy with the Hakka, deeper identification with the Hakka, and a window into the Hakka experience.

It is our goal to invite you to learn, identify and understand the Hakka culture and history with the purpose of carrying forward the four core values, light of wisdom, heat of solidarity, strength of innovation and beauty of life, to the world stage.

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