EASTON, PA--(Marketwired - September 08, 2015) - You ask, we tell. It's a pretty simple system, and a nice arrangement we have going here. Because there are no such things as bad cigar questions, we've encouraged you to throw your "wonder if's" and "what can I's" our way -- and the Advisors have again put their collective cigar knowledge together for your benefit. We enjoy it -- because when you know more, you can love it more. And there's no good reason to keep this information a secret. Last time, we discussed plume vs. mold...wrapper selection...getting rid of cigar breath (it works) and how long it takes for cigars to go stale. For this sixth edition of Fan Mail, we're going to introduce you to a few tools (tupperdors and box openers), the psychology of cigar flavors, and the "most dreaded question ever": are Cuban cigars better? Check out our short n' sweet video replies to these four new questions from Advisor readers just like you. Trust us -- they'll help.

Cigar Question #1: What's a Good Alternative for Storing Cigars?
The question of cigar storage options is a common one we get here at Cigar Advisor; and it's an important one. I'm glad people are looking out for the best conditions to keep cigars fresh -- especially considering how easy it can be, with a tupperdor. But maybe storing cigars in a plastic container doesn't sit right with you, for some reason...it just seems -- weird. "Last night's dinner goes in there, not cigars," you're thinking. Do not fear the tupperdor; it actually could turn out to be your humidor's new best friend. [Click here for the full video]

Cigar Question #2: Can the Time of Day or the Environment Affect Your Cigar?
This curious chap named Rick in Oregon wants to find out, and it's honestly a great question. Have you ever had a cigar you loved and then had it again and it tasted like the underside of a sewer worker's boot? Or have you ever read a review where someone writes "This is a great cigar for the morning," or "This is great after a big meal." Mild cigars for morning, heavy cigars for night, light cigars on an empty stomach, and hefty cigars on a full stomach; it may all make sense not in terms of a rule of thumb, but instead, this all may make sense based solely on our state of mind and our environment. All these questions are answered if you, [Click here on this link and go to my video.]

Cigar Question #3: Are Cuban Cigars Really Better than Non-Cuban Cigars?
Some questions that come to us at Cigar Advisor get asked a lot. And I mean, A LOT. And chances are, if you're a real cigar guy, then you've certainly been asked this one… Are Cubans really the best cigars? While it's mostly a matter of preference (not everyone has had the opportunity to compare Cubans and non-Cubans side by side, hence the lingering question), there are some qualities non-Cuban cigars exhibit that make a big difference. So let me tackle this often-asked query with my personal take; it might just be a great answer for you to use the next time you're confronted by a cigar outsider. [Click here for the full video]

Cigar Question #4: How Do I Open a Box of Cigars with a Nail in the Lid?It all started like this:
Hi Gary,
I've been smoking cigars for a few years, and usually buy my smokes by the box. I only have one complaint, and maybe you can help me. For many of the brands I buy, the boxes are sealed with a nail. I can usually pry them open with my fingers, but some are pretty hard, and the last time I tried this, the cigars went flying all over me and the floor. Is there a "tried and true" method for opening cigar boxes with nails in the lid?
- Messy Mark in San José, California

Fortunately, most cigar boxes today are sealed with the country of origin stamp, and employ either a sliding top, or some type of simple metal closure. The nail is used primarily to ensure the box is sealed tightly. Now, most people can open a nailed lid with most any narrow blade, like a knife or a screwdriver, but Messy Mark's problem is best solved by using a traditional cigar box opener. There are a number of ways to use the tool, but if you've never seen or used one, click the video link to see my demonstration. To learn more about the origins of the cigar box opening tool [Click here for the full article on Cigar Advisor]

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