LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 9, 2015) - The Film and Television industries are booming again, generating 660,000 jobs and contributing over $47 billion in wages annually. HollywoodJobBoard.com is a new platform that gives the power of employment opportunities back to the professionals, backed by some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

The entertainment industry is renowned as an industry rife with unemployment, with crew and professionals claiming thousands each year in unemployment benefits, generally to cover themselves until their next gig.

In the current market, job seekers in the entertainment field rely on word of mouth, direct networks and job boards not specific to crew, to find their next project. HollywoodJobBoard.com is a dedicated platform solely for connecting employers directly with talent seeking work in production, distribution, creative, business and executive specialties. 

The brainchild of Stefanie Kleine, a long-time entertainment professional who saw the need for a nation-wide platform that directly connects employers with available talent.

"There are certainly several job boards and employment services out there, however, at HollywoodJobBoard.com, we are providing a level of specificity that cannot be found anywhere else," said HollywooodJobBoard.com CEO Stefanie Kleine. "Because we are providing a forum specifically catered to film & television production, efficiency and effectiveness is exponentially magnified. We are very excited about the win-win for both employers and below-the-line talent."

HollywoodJobBoard.com is expected to provide much needed support to the booming rural areas across the United States where talent can be hard to find. Now employers can source candidates directly from the website, reduce costs for bringing inter-state crew and support the local communities.

"The endless reach of the Internet allows for infinite possibilities for employers and job seekers alike. We are particularly excited to bring HollywoodJobBoard.com to booming production hubs such as Atlanta, New Orleans, and Nashville," said Kleine.

HollywoodJobBoard.com has partnered with some of the largest studios and production houses in the United States including Viacom, TimeWarner and Pixar.

For more information, please visit www.hollywoodjobboard.com.

About HollywoodJobBoard.com - HollywoodJobBoard.com is a full service platform for employers and job seekers to connect on film and television projects. Whether full-time or contract work, the site allows employers full access to a comprehensive database of qualified candidates. Likewise, job seekers can post resumes, connect directly with employers and search posted jobs free of charge. www.hollywoodjobboard.com.

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