WATERLOO, ON--(Marketwired - Sep 9, 2015) - In the Chat Communications Inc. (ITC), the industry-leading text messaging and social media customer service platform provider for enterprises, has designed CampusConnect, a new product that's specifically targeted at universities and colleges. ITC's platform enables full two-way, back-and-forth text messaging communications between students on their mobile devices and faculty and staff at their college or university via a convenient web-based interface. The result is quicker, more convenient and more cost effective student support via a channel already widely adopted for day-to-day connections.

"With their active and inconsistent schedules, students have increasingly limited time to stand in line, talk on the phone or even email to get the assistance they sometimes need from their academic institution," said John Huehn, CEO of In the Chat. "Now with text, they can reach out to admissions, the registrar's office, their department or facilities from anywhere and at any time to seek support with their new student inquiries, course planning, or questions about their thesis or even a malfunctioning heater in their dorm."

Text messaging is the most widely-used smartphone feature across all age demographics according to a 2015 study conducted by The Pew Research Center, and it is most prolific among typical college-aged attendees. A 2013 report from Experian found that 18-to-24 year olds send and receive a whopping 3,853 text messages per month. As everyday use cases for text continue to evolve, students will increasingly expect to be able to send and receive text messages with their university. According to a 2014 report by the International Customer Management Institute, 80% of consumers want SMS as a customer service channel.

"We're excited to work with higher learning institutions to implement text messaging support for their students, faculty and staff," said Huehn. "CampusConnect helps simplify campus life and the program we have assembled is very comprehensive and cost effective, because we know that our schools' budgets are better directed to the enrichment of students than the software that supports them."

There are many applications for higher education and a text messaging customer service platform that extend even beyond invaluable security alerts. Admissions can send reminders of pending deadlines and answer questions about the application process. The Registrar's office can take questions about course changes and notify students of key dates in the academic year. Departments and faculty can connect to offer support and assistance, while Facilities can be easily notified of repairs or assistance required. Even alumni relations will benefit from a new contact and fundraising channel. These are just a few examples of how CampusConnect can foster a better communication system between colleges, universities and students.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration of In the Chat's CampusConnect initiative, visit http://bit.ly/1JRicCp

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