PARIS, FRANCE--(Marketwired - Sep 10, 2015) - Zappiti, leader of media center solutions, has just launched the first 4K media player family with three models:

1. Zappiti Player 4K Mini: a compact set-top box.
2. Zappiti Player 4K: a media player equipped with a hot swap internal SATA HDD 3.5" rack.
3. Zappiti Player 4K Duo: a media player equipped with a hot swap internal SATA HDD 3.5" dual rack for huge total capacity (up to 16 TB).

All three Zappiti Player 4Ks empower viewers with the latest media center and video technology to play MKV, AVI, MOV, BDMV and Blu-ray ISO stored in internal/external HDD or local networks.

Forget expensive outboard video processors!

The Zappiti Player 4K series incorporates Zappiti™ MagicPixel technology, which offers outstanding picture quality with improved dynamics, accuracy colorimetry, high contrast, solid deinterlacing and better upscaling. Even on a full HD 1080p TV or a front projector, viewers will be astounded by the images!

In addition, Zappitti Player 4Ks support a wide variety of digital audio and video formats, including all modern video standards such as HEVC, H.265, with Ultra HD 4K upscaling (up to 3840x2160 / 4096x2160) in addition of native Ultra HD 4K video content which results in a crisp and crystal-clear picture with four times the resolution of full HD.

Zappiti Player 4K models are equipped with a USB 3.0 port and SD memory card slot. In addition, they feature powerful Wi-Fi with 2 antennas and Ethernet gigabit network capability. The media players are also compatible with Zappiti Media Center v4, the most relevant media center system ever.

The included Zappiti Media Center features cover art exploration for movies and TV shows including subtitles, actors, directors and release date. Zappiti media centers automatically index movies and TV shows by category, directly from the player or the computer (PC / Mac).

Watch the Zappiti Media Center general presentation:

Main Zappiti Media Center:

  • Zappiti Stand-alone: Add, edit or delete movie covers directly on your Zappiti Player 4K via the remote control or through your computer (PC / Mac). Change the posters, edit the synopsis, change the associate category, etc.
  • Zappiti Start-up: Enable/disable start-up for Zappiti Media Center from system boot by Zappiti setting.
  • Zappiti Collections: Create and manage one collection by each family member or one collection by HDD and switch collection easily.
  • Zappiti Off-line: Save a collection locally to use without any Internet connection.
  • Zappiti Trailers: Watch the trailer of your movies.
  • Zappiti Sub: Easily download the subtitle of a movie or TV show episode, directly from Zappiti Player 4K Duo!
  • Zappiti Sync: All movie collections are automatically synchronized to your other Zappiti Player 4K (multi-room) and to all your computers MAC and PC.

Zappiti Player 4K series support Android apps. Favorite apps can be installed through the GooglePlay integrated app.

"Today's consumers expect a high-quality viewing experience on Ultra HD 4K TVs. The challenge for service providers is finding a set-top box capable of delivering this type of experience affordably," said Christophe Cherel, Head of Smart Home Division, at Zappiti Inc. "Our new Zappiti Player 4K series offers robust performance with impressive crisp and crystal-clear picture thanks to four times the resolution of Full HD without any noise (total fanless)! By offering the integrated Zappiti media center app, the Zappiti Player 4K series transforms the movie and TV show viewing experience with an astonishing GUI based on movie cover navigation, increasing customer satisfaction."

Technical Specifications:

Zappiti Player 4K Mini: $219.
Zappiti Player 4K: $249.

The Zappiti Player 4K Duo will be available at the start of September 2015 and can be pre ordered at a price of $299.

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