Pri-Med Launches Personalized CME App for EHRs

Panel Insight(TM) Uses Patient Panel Data to Identify Care Gaps and Deliver Personalized CME

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - September 10, 2015) - Pri-Med, a trusted source for continuing medical education (CME) to over 275,000 primary care providers (PCPs), today unveiled Panel Insight™, an Apple iPad app linked to electronic health record (EHR) data, enabling personalized CME for treating clinicians.

Panel Insight™ is the first in a series of data-informed tools Pri-Med is introducing as part of its Precision CME™ platform, designed to help PCPs improve patient health outcomes in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. Using proprietary Learning Analytics™ (informed by patient panel data), the Panel Insight™ app matches individual PCPs with personalized learning recommendations from Pri-Med's deep library of evidence-based medical knowledge. Users have access to a rich feature set available on the homepage, including CME refresher courses mapped against upcoming patient appointments, clinical risk assessments across therapeutic areas, a CME tracker to capture completed credits relative to credit objectives, and benchmark reports presented via intuitive visual data.

By transforming the traditional 'top-down' CME process into a 'bottom-up' learning model used operationally by PCPs to help care for patients with chronic disease, Pri-Med is redefining how CME is created and used by clinicians.

"Primary care providers are under enormous time and cost pressures, and Pri-Med is committed to providing knowledge resources that help them provide the highest quality care while maximizing performance within their practice," said John Mooney, CEO of DBC Pri-Med LLC. "We believe that data-informed, personalized learning is the natural evolution of CME, and that Panel Insight delivers more relevant education, offers greater convenience, and optimizes provider learning time."

About Pri-Med
Pri‐Med is an operating division of Diversified Communications and has been a trusted source for knowledge resources to over 275,000 primary care providers and specialists since 1995. Based in Boston, MA, Pri-Med's portfolio includes live ('peer-2-peer') medical education conferences in 33 U.S. cities; an extensive digital portfolio of medical education available at; electronic health records with office-based Amazing Charts™ and cloud-based Pri-Med InLight™; and a live and digital knowledge platform in the United Kingdom for General Practitioners.

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