HUNTINGTON, NY--(Marketwired - Sep 10, 2015) - Teq, a leading educational technology and professional development firm, today announced that it was named the exclusive provider of Audio Enhancement's award-winning classroom audio systems for all K-12 districts in New York State.

 Teq will be offering the XD line of Audio Enhancement products, the XD receiver, XD teacher microphone, and XD student microphone. XD Technology pairs microphones to amplifiers and speakers, allowing student groupings to hear their teacher without interference in a small room, open plan classroom, or even a gymnasium.

"These are the best classroom audio products available," said Teq CEO Damian Scarfo. "Learning begins with hearing, and with Audio Enhancement, every student can clearly hear the teacher's normal tone of voice just as if they were sitting in the front of the classroom."

In addition to amplifying the teacher's voice, Audio Enhancement users cite a number of benefits, including better classroom management, reduced vocal fatigue, and improved student on-task behavior. The benefits are also clear with English Language Learners, or early elementary classrooms, where clearly hearing the elements of speech have a large impact on language development.

"Students hear more, so they are listening more," said Sheila Durant, Principal of PS 69 in the Bronx, where classroom audio has been installed in every classroom to great success. "They are engaged with each other as well as with the teacher."

Audio Enhancement's classroom audio systems enhance student and teacher interactions and increase outcomes. The systems include a receiver, speakers, and microphones for both the teacher and student. In surveys of districts across the country, teachers responded overwhelmingly that students are more focused on instruction when an audio system is used in the classroom. They also lower teacher stress and decrease teacher absences during the school year.

"The biggest investment in every classroom is the teacher, and our technology makes the teacher more effective," said Audio Enhancement President and CEO Jeff Anderson. "Our products have proven themselves time and time again in schools across the country, and I believe Teq is the most effective partner we could have for bringing out products to schools throughout New York State."

"Students learn and participate more when they can clearly hear instruction; it's that simple," said Teq president Chris Hickey. "Teq is very proud to be the exclusive provide for Audio Enhancement in New York State."

Teq is offering a free, 30-day trial of an Audio Enhancement system along with the newest interactive display from SMART Technologies, the SMART kapp iQ, to qualifying schools and districts. The trial includes free delivery and setup. These free trials can be requested through Teq's website at

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Teq is an innovative learning company, dedicated to championing the evolution of the modern classroom. Since 1972, Teq has provided the education community with solutions to improve student learning and support sustainable change. To learn more, visit

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For over three decades, Audio Enhancement, Inc. has created and delivered research-driven solutions to complex education problems in classrooms around the world. Starting with the simple premise that "learning begins with hearing", the company started in 1978 with a mission to equip every classroom and every student with quality sound technology.

Inspired by the success of Audio Enhancement's mission and achievements in sound technology, the company continued to innovate new solutions reaching all students and learning styles. Listening to customer requests and feedback, Audio Enhancement developed video, audio and instructional tools to help facilitate success for schools, teachers and students. To learn more, visit

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