DUBLIN, IRELAND--(Marketwired - Sep 14, 2015) -  Mobiliya Edvelop, a leading digital classroom platform with 1,800+ institutes as customers, has launched a virtual bag feature on its LMS platform. The virtual bag will replace the school bags that the children carry to school on their shoulders and gives access to curriculum text books on the Mobiliya Edvelop platform. The virtual bag allows the student to access textbooks and bookmark, annotate, highlight and doodle over the text books. The students can also make side notes on each page.

Mobiliya Edvelop, an advanced digital classroom platform, is set to transform learning as we know today. Designed to make education more personalised and engaging, Mobiliya Edvelop offers all the tools that students and teachers need in one unified dashboard -- virtual classrooms, tests, assignments, discussion board among several others. Mobiliya Edvelop seamlessly blends a bouquet of learning features -- live lectures, assignments, tests, report cards and library, making it a comprehensive learning platform.

School Bag Inside Your Education Tablets

The virtual bag feature of Mobiliya Edvelop is practically a replacement for a school bag. It offers key benefits to all the stakeholders -- students, teachers and content publishers, making it ideal for even those schools where internet connectivity is intermittent.

Benefits for Students:

  • Access to curriculum textbooks on device of their choice.
  • Can weekly reveal new content even in an offline mode -- a puzzle or a crossword can be activated each Monday by the teacher.
  • Students no longer need to bear the weight of heavy school bags stuffed with text books and note books.
  • Works in an offline mode, wherein, the content is encrypted and stored on the device. Thus, even with no internet access, students can access all the content from anywhere anytime.

Benefits for Teachers:

  • Highlight-Annotate-Share feature allows teachers to instantly make and share notes for every chapter/section.
  • Teachers can also attach additional reference materials (text/video/PPTs) with every chapter and share with students, making learning much more interactive and engaging.
  • Allows uniformity of content and reduces redundancy or duplication of work. Teachers can share same content across schools and locations.

Benefits for Content Publishers:

  • Be it a tablet, smartphone, laptop or a desktop, Mobiliya Edvelop offers a uniform user experience and functionalities, making it a device agnostic proposition.
  • Since the books are encrypted, there is no threat of any copyright infringement or violation.
  • Any change in syllabus would allow publishers to simply edit the books by adding/deleting chapters instead of re-publishing the books all over again, saving huge costs and resources.

Krish Kupathil, CEO of Mobiliya Technologies, adds, "In our various discussions with government officials, teachers and parents a common theme that came out was to reduce the weight of the schoolbag for the student. In some geographies there are government notices that have been delivered to reduce the weight that the student carries every day to school. With a virtual bag feature on Mobiliya Edvelop -- a student can access text books at the touch of a button. More so, we have integrated with DRM platform to encrypt the text books to each user giving comfort to the publishers. The feature has been rolled out to 14,000+ students over the last couple of month and we are working with school authorities and publishers to roll it out to all our customer base."

Mobiliya Edvelop is partnered with Microsoft and powered by Microsoft Office 365. With a growing customer base and users in India, China and North America, the platform brings together all features required for teaching and learning and can be accessed from a tablet, mobile or web.

For more information, visit http://www.edveloplms.com

ABOUT MOBILIYA: Mobiliya is a global product and solutions companies that designs and builds differentiated products for enterprise mobility and education market. With R&D centers in North America and Asia, the company has a large product portfolio in Mobility, security and cloud products. For more information please visit www.mobiliya.com.

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