LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Sep 14, 2015) - mPact today announces licensing for its AIME (Artificially Intelligent Metabolic Expert) platform, the industry's first big data/analytics platform to make health and wellness personalized and dynamic by using metabolic-based mapping to create optimized nutrition and exercise protocols for each user, the true key toward better wellness and healthy weight loss.

Like Siri for healthcare, mPact leverages machine learning via its Artificially Intelligent Metabolic Expert (AIME), to continuously learn about each individual's individualized metabolic environment. AIME collects information from myriad sources and hundreds of data points, and then applies (proprietary predictive analytics and fuzzy logic to create personalized, and dynamic metabolic maps to guide the optimal nutrition and exercise protocol for each individual. AIME then guides users along their mapped plan, delivering a continuously updated and refined version of each person's metabolic map and nutrition and fitness regimen, which is accessed 24/7 through laptop or digital device.

With 73 percent of the U.S. population clinically overweight despite $60 billion spent annually on weight loss and fitness programs, AIME supports the growing industry-wide consensus that body composition has been vastly underutilized and unexplored by the medical community.

In a metabolic approach, body composition is the guide, not "losing weight." Losing body fat and increasing lean muscle is essential for sustainable health and fitness, but just as important is to properly address issues surrounding Metabolic Syndrome that encompasses a cluster of conditions linked to obesity and other diseases.

"The 'textbook' way the body converts food into fuel has been studied for 80 years and is well established. However, metabolic damage changes how our bodies function at a chemical level and this is completely individual; this is why no one diet works for everyone," said mPact CEO Darin MacDonald. "AIME was developed to understand each individual's 'imperfect' metabolism -- what's working and what's not -- and to then use this data to adapt the diet to be effective."

Personalized medicine may be considered an extension of traditional approaches to understanding and treating disease, but with greater precision -- as a profile of a patient's genetic variation can guide the selection of drugs or treatment protocols that minimize harmful side effects or ensure a more successful outcome. All of this makes mPact and its design the first personalized healthcare solution that can build a diet fit for each individual -- a highly personalized plan that sets up the right "body chemistry" resulting in better health.

mPact can be integrated into a wide range of business-to-business and business-to-consumer models, leveraging existing infrastructure and personnel to provide new actionable intelligence beyond the current "data tracking" model of fitness wearables. The cloud-based mPact supports a wide range of audiences and needs, such as corporate wellness, seniors, pre-diabetes and diabetes management, weight loss, etc. mPact also supports integration with in-house wellness brand food items, specific fitness regimens, and even custom recipes. Organizations offering the mPact platform benefit by capturing valuable insights on product use, brand preferences, lifestyle habits, etc., to support data-driven marketing.

"mPact comprises the best and most promising technology approaches from mHealth to the quantified self and big data/analytics to deliver the future of personalized consumer health," said Dr. Douglas Elwood, former Global Digital and Innovation Strategy Lead, Metabolics Franchise, Global Commercialization and Commercial Strategy, for Bristol-Myers Squibb, who serves on the mPact advisory board.

Prior to its market release mPact underwent two years of controlled beta testing through diverse applications, including nutrition, fitness, medical practices, and general health and wellness practices, and has delivered results for over 1,000 consumers. The doctor-approved nutrition and exercise program is safe and effective for consumers age 7 to 70+.

About mPact
mPact respects the true complexity of human metabolism by offering a truly innovative solution that leverages science and technology to reinvent the "weight loss" equation and make it personalized and therefore effective. At the core of our offering is AIME, the world's first virtual health advisor and interactive guide that makes healthy regimens ultra-personalized and experiential. AIME utilizes collective intelligence obtained from aggregating and analyzing hundreds of data points about each user and how their body functions -- "cracking the code" to determine the specific nutrition and exercise protocol that works for each individual to help them burn fat and build metabolism-boosting muscle. Visit us at