SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 15, 2015) - ToutApp, the sales platform that helps salespeople close more deals through advanced email tracking, templates and analytics, today announced the launch of Recommended Templates. With the new feature, every time a sales rep is about to email someone during the sales or prospecting process, ToutApp will automatically analyze all CRM data associated with that person and recommend the best possible templates to either close a deal or carry a lead to the next stage of the funnel. Recommended Templates uses matching algorithms to optimize and elevate sales efficiency, letting reps write the perfect email with the perfect template.

"When we first launched ToutApp, it was really hard to get someone to even create a template," said Tawheed (TK) Kader, CEO & Founder of ToutApp. "Today, though, the average sales team using our software shares 50 templates across their team and our larger customers have upwards of 1,000 total sales templates in their organization. This makes it challenging for reps to identify the best template or strategy for a specific situation when writing an email. With Recommended Templates, we've created a streamlined way to instantly and intelligently bubble up the most relevant templates that would perform best in every conversation."

While creating new templates, ToutApp users can enter basic criteria on when a template should be recommended in the sales or prospect funnel. ToutApp then uses a proprietary machine learning algorithm to analyze all available CRM data, as well as the basic tags designated to a template at creation, to automatically predict those templates that will drive the best outcomes. Templates are recommended directly within the salesperson's workflow -- the moment an email address is entered in an email compose window using services like Gmail or Outlook, or with CRMs like Salesforce, and more. Tout Recommended Templates take the guesswork out of best practices and makes every individual interaction hyper-relevant. This increases revenue performance, shortening sales and prospecting cycles. 

"This is a great feature for sales reps, but think about the impact for sales managers," added Kader. "With Recommended Templates, managers can make sure the best templates are being used at the right stages of the sales or prospecting process, and they can standardize this across their teams."

In addition to sales reps and their managers, marketers can also leverage ToutApp's Recommended Templates to better align with sales. Today, nearly 80 percent of marketing content doesn't get used by the sales team. With Recommended Templates, marketers can upload their content to ToutApp, with the software automatically recommending the best templates to salespeople at the right stage of the sales or prospecting process. In doing so, ToutApp helps marketers keep their content top-of-mind for sales while also making sure sales teams are using the content as it was designed and at the right moment. 

Recommended Templates is the fifth major feature to the ToutApp platform since the company announced it had secured $15 million in Series B Funding earlier this year.

For sales reps, managers or marketers interested in trying out Recommended Templates, ToutApp will be hosting live demos at the Moscone Center in San Francisco for Dreamforce 2015. Demos will be held starting today, September 15, through September 18 at Moscone West Booth #121. To schedule a ToutApp demo at Dreamforce, visit:

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