LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Sep 15, 2015) - Emineo Marketing Solutions, a retail marketing firm renowned for building client brands and customer bases, has recently announced the expansion of a company-wide initiative to develop employees from within rather than hiring new management. The goal of the company's in-house management development program is to create a meritocracy-based work environment which gives each and every one of Emineo's employees the opportunity to build long-term careers from within the organization. Market Manager Edward Rodriguez is one of the driving forces behind this initiative, having started out in the company at an entry level marketing role and worked his way up to upper-level management.

Market Manager Aaron Lloyd completed the Emineo Marketing Solutions' in-house training program in April of 2015 and is now currently running a successful branch in Indianapolis, IN. When asked about his experience starting at Emineo, Lloyd shared, "I came in under Eddie. I was going to school to be a surgical technologist and was working retail while going to school. I was initially attracted to the money and later became motivated about the residual income that would allow me to retire at an early age, once I built a career here. Now, it's about offering others the opportunity."

As a trainee, Lloyd affirmed that while he loved the work, becoming a manager takes a whole new level of persistence and dedication. Las Vegas Market Manager Rodriguez teaches business development, teambuilding, management strategy, and marketing principles. He believes that placing trainees in situations where they can gain hands-on experience helps them to be capable supervisors once they are on their own. Lloyd asserted, "Working with Eddie was challenging. I had to overcome a lot of obstacles which has helped to make me stronger as a manager. In the end, my persistence paid off." The proof is in the results, Lloyd has been named on his client's national high-roller list for producing positive results consistently since July 31, 2015.

Dedication, adaptability, and a positive attitude are characteristics that are commonly found among the management team at Emineo Marketing Solutions. Rodriguez and Lloyd are proof that the meritocracy-based system works to create power-house leaders invested in the company and the opportunities that they are able to provide as trainers. Emineo has announced its plans to expand into additional locations by the end of 2015. When asked about what kind of individuals they are looking to bring on board to enable this growth, Lloyd asserted, "I am looking for someone I can depend on, someone on-time, someone that I don't have to micromanage, someone as determined as I am to get to management." For more information about career opportunities at Emineo Marketing Solutions, visit them online at

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