TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - Sep 15, 2015) - Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC PINK: EAPH) Announces it has entered into a finalized agreement to secure all of Latin America for the patented vaginal health diagnostic test, and is expected to launch under the brand name EvaPro.

The agreement is an amendment to its previously executed 50 / 50 revenue sharing partnership agreement with BMV Medica SA de C.V. for an exclusive distribution agreement with Common Sense Ltd. of Israel to become the exclusive distributor in the country of Mexico for their patented woman's diagnostic Vaginal Health/Infection test, currently being sold throughout the United States, Canada and now Europe.

Both Easton and BMV are now pleased to announce they have obtained exclusive distribution rights for the rest of Latin America excluding Brazil from Israel-based Common Sense Ltd. and their patented product line known as VS-SENSE-OTC and VS-SENSE PRO, for the detection of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and yeast infections. BV is a common condition in which the natural balance of bacteria inside the vagina becomes disrupted. One in three women will get BV at some point in their lifetime, which demonstrates the huge market and revenue capabilities for the products. The products are currently protected by international patents with approximately 12 years remaining on the patent life and have CE Certification for selling and marketing in the EU obtained under the European Medical Device Directive 98/79/EC, Number IVD000256. The products are currently being sold within the United States and Canada with Bayer launching in Europe last month.

The products are currently being marketed and sold in the United States through Prestige Brands in CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid Drug Stores under their own private label as well as under the Monistat brand, and throughout Canada in Shoppers Drug-Mart and Jean Coutu.

Easton and BMV are well in the process of preparing regulatory filings in Mexico through contracted, industry respected regulatory consultants, Ackerman Pharma. Additional funds have been set aside towards branding and packaging. The regulatory approval in Mexico is anticipated within the next several months as the products are currently approved for sale in North America and Europe.

Easton / BMV believe the Mexican and other Latin American markets with their large population and ability to spend on personal health could approach the size of Europe or North America. Latin America represents approximately 20% of the world market in the pharmaceutical sector with a distinct bulge in the 15-45 yr. old demographic, added to its 400 plus million population and as such a larger proportion of premenopausal women than does the rest of North America.

The products will serve a market where no such products currently exist and is patent protected. Easton / BMV have decided to market under the EvaPro brand, and will market directly to obstetricians/gynecologists as well as entering into license agreements with various distributors and large drug store chains similar to the US model. The pricing per unit is expected to be in the same range as the US and Canada, approximately $18 per test kit which is considered affordable.

Easton and BMV anticipate launching the diagnostic test kit first, then quickly adding two treatment options: one for when the test offers negative results -- most likely a yeast infection (candida species), and one for when the test yields a positive result -- Bacterial Infection (BV). This is the "triangle model" which will be used in other markets, and entails bringing to market a probiotic lactic acid gel, (a natural treatment) for when the diagnosis is a bacterial infection. Easton / BMV believe this relatively new approach to diagnose and treat both yeast and bacterial vaginal infections may reduce substantially the need for antibiotic use, and also cut down substantially the time from first symptoms to successful diagnosis and treatment by up to several weeks. From a cost and health perspective this may be a major step forward in women's health.

The diagnostic kits will be available for personal use through pharmacies, and also in a slightly different format for the Doctor's offices.

Easton anticipates a minimum profit margin of 100% or slightly more once all expenses are factored in, and volumes to ramp up quickly since 1 in 3 women will at some point in their lives develop Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and/or yeast infections.

In other developments: Easton and BMV are close to securing the rights to other diagnostic products and possible drugs which are currently approved for the Latin American markets which would allow for revenues to immediately commence following the closing of an agreement. Additional news and updates to shortly follow.

Evan Karras, CEO and director of Easton Pharmaceuticals stated, "We at Easton Pharmaceuticals are extremely pleased to have acquired and participate with BMV Medica for the additional rights to Spanish speaking Latin America for the exclusive distribution rights for its EvaPro OTC diagnostic product line and are currently working with BMV to bring to market the treatments that arise from the diagnosis, following US and European models. The reality is that most women sooner or later suspect and will acquire a yeast or bacterial infection and with many women this is a recurring event. This technology will allow them to determine the cause in a matter of seconds without the need to visit a doctor's office. The VS-Sense diagnostic products can easily and accurately diagnose the condition leading to a proper treatment."

About Common Sense Inc.

Common Sense Inc. is an internationally recognized company holding international patents for their VS-SENSE-OTC (consumer test) and VS-SENSE PRO (professional test) diagnostic products, for the detection of bacterial Vaginosis and Yeast Infections, conditions that effect many millions of women around the world. The products have FDA and Health Canada approvals, and CE Certification for selling and marketing in the EU obtained under the European Medical Device Directive 98/79/EC, Number IVD000256.

About Easton Pharmaceuticals

Easton Pharmaceuticals is a diversified specialty pharmaceutical company involved in various pharmaceutical sectors and other growing industries such as medical marijuana. The Company previously developed and owned an FDA approved wound-healing drug and currently owns topically delivered drugs to treat cancer and other conditions that are all in various stages of development and approval. Easton has entered into a 50 / 50 revenue sharing agreement towards being the exclusive distributor in Mexico and Latin America for patented women's diagnostic products and two generic cancer products. Easton has completed an acquisition that grants 40% ownership interest in Medicated Markets International LLC; a company holding Medical Marijuana growing rights in California on 20 acres (3 acre growing area). Easton has also made additional investments into AMFIL Technologies, a company who own rights to a product called the groZONE anti-microbial airflow system and rightfully holds an exclusive option to purchase up to 49% in a (MMPR) medical marijuana grow-op business post granting of license from Health Canada in Ontario, which has received a letter to build from Health Canada. The company's gel formulation is thought to be an innovative and unique transdermal delivery system that can in the future be adaptable in the delivery of other drugs and Cannabidiol extracts.

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