DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Sep 16, 2015) - Altitude Digital, the largest independent video supply-side platform (SSP), today announced major viewability innovations to help publishers grow their revenue through increased control of their viewable video ad impressions while simultaneously ensuring advertisers can target viewable impressions and eliminate wasted spend.

The Altitude ARENA® platform determines if the video player is in-view prior to sending the ad opportunity to an advertiser. By understanding the viewability at the time of the opportunity, the targeting technology increases the probability that the served impression will be viewable, as defined by the MRC standard. Advertisers can target and bid on viewable impressions, and non-viewable opportunities can be filtered out.

This pre-opportunity filtering and targeting, enabled by the Open Video Viewability open source solution, is the first of its kind in video advertising and will benefit both advertisers and publishers. Advertisers who are buying inventory from Altitude Digital can now target on viewability, eliminating any worry of impressions failing to meet viewability standards. At the same time, publishers are able to track their viewable opportunities within the ARENA platform, and use the data to improve fill rates, increase CPMs and better meet advertiser demand. The technology has proven extremely effective with campaign viewability exceeding the industry standard of 70%.

"Viewability has become one of the most important issues in video advertising, but the current industry measurement tactics don't alleviate any of the tension or inefficiencies," said Manny Puentes, Chief Technology Officer at Altitude Digital. "Post-campaign reporting is the current standard, which means the advertiser only learns about an impression's viewability after the ad plays. Publishers are then forced to reconcile non-viewable impressions via make-goods, increasing the frustration and the time spent on both sides. By determining viewable impressions before they hit the exchange, we can now tell advertisers, with a high probability, that the impressions will be viewable, increasing transparency and efficiency in the programmatic buying process. It's game changing."

To further increase the available inventory of viewable video impressions for publishers, Altitude has also launched an out-stream video player, allowing publishers to add 100-percent viewable inventory to their sites. Altitude's out-stream player only loads and plays when it is in-view and pauses once a reader scrolls past it. This improves the overall consumer experience, while also helping publishers grow their video ad revenue.

About Altitude Digital
Altitude Digital delivers powerful video and mobile advertising technology and actionable big data to online publishers to help them expand their available ad inventory, increase the value of their supply and grow their revenue. Altitude's ARENA® Programmatic Video Platform delivers greater insight, control and better performance for publishers. The company is one of the fastest growing video advertising platforms and is listed as one of the 10 largest video providers by both comScore and Quantcast. Altitude Digital is headquartered in Denver, Colorado with offices in New York and San Francisco.

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