ROCHESTER, N.Y., Sept. 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VoicePort, International announced today that they have entered into an agreement to launch their Prescription Services Adherence Solutions, PharmaPhonetics™ with Costco Canada Pharmacies. The VoicePort PharmaPhonetics™ Prescription Services Suite offers an efficient and seamless approach to reach multiple patients to address and support improved patient health and adherence in an automated and efficient manner. Alphonse J. Sasso, Vice President of Business Development for VoicePort commented; "We are thrilled to have the chance to partner with Costco Pharmacies in Canada to support added patient adherence and communication by way of our patient notifications system. Costco Canada Pharmacies have implemented one of our PharmaPhonetic™ services focusing on automated patient prescription pick up notifications to help members stay on track to pick up and take their medications in a timely fashion.". Sasso further commented, "When consumers stay adherent to their medications, it translates to improved patient health outcomes. Our suite of adherence solutions position today's pharmacies to function as an integral provider of true collaborative care while achieving optimal workflow efficiency, a true win/win solution"

VoicePort's PharmaPhonetics® Patient solutions delivers cost-effective, automated, personalized, intelligent, and interactive unified communications that connects directly to the patient on behalf of the pharmacy. Their suite of solutions include automated prescription pick-up and refill reminder notifications, medication synchronization, health awareness/medical therapy review messaging, patient counseling, written translation, education, and instruction services and automated web based appointment scheduling services. The Unified Patient Communication platform enables permission based phone, text, e-mail, web and mobile notifications that are dynamically personalized to individual patients and their specific needs.

About VoicePort

Headquartered in Rochester, New York and founded in 2002, VoicePort develops and markets configurable and customized automated speech solutions in niche markets such as the media, healthcare and pharmaceutical verticals. The company's solutions help clients efficiently communicate with customers and patients through the use of self or assisted-service enabled by Advanced Speech Recognition (ASR) technology and handles over 28 million conversations annually at more than 1,200 customer sites in North America.

VoicePort maintains strategic partnerships with Aumtech, Inc., OneStream Networks, The Pharmacy Quality Alliance, voiceTech, Inc. and Polyglot, Inc. leveraging its expertise in automated self-service applications, analytics and pharmacy operations expertise to deliver a full suite of personalized multi-channel patient communication and adherence applications called PharmaPhonetics®.

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