SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwired - Sep 17, 2015) - MOKO Social Media (NASDAQ: MOKO) (ASX: MKB) is pleased to report that REC*IT 2.0 has launched with very promising early results.


  • REC*IT 2.0 officially launches with significant take up
  • Over 80,000 new installs since re-launch
  • Significant user engagement with average user screen views up 83% since last year
  • Total installs now over 300,000 with a target of 500,000 by end of 2015
  • REC*IT's exclusive reach now over 1,000 colleges

REC*IT 2.0 is the mobile app that enables students to participate in, and manage, college intramural sports and recreational activities on their campus, with new features that allow students to register in-app, create teams, and send player and team invitations. The student response to the app has been extremely positive. Since its launch only a few weeks ago, there have already been over 80,000 new app installs, bringing the total app installs to over 300,000 so far. User engagement has also significantly increased with average user screen views up 83% over REC*IT 1.0's initial launch in September 2014. MOKO has also expanded its number of colleges and now holds the exclusive and perpetual rights to provide REC*IT to over 1,000 US colleges, representing half of the total US college student population.

"We are very excited about these early results. The engagement statistics during the initial version released last year were already substantially above industry averages and the fact that we are seeing engagement on the same metrics up 83% over last year clearly illustrates that the app is resonating with students" said MOKO Social Media CEO, Ian Rodwell. "Our exclusive college reach, now extending to over 1,000 US colleges, provides us with the foundations to become the leading on-campus college sports and Rec app in the US."

Over the summer break, the REC*IT marketing team hosted training sessions with Rec directors at key colleges where they were trained on the benefits of REC*IT 2.0 so that Rec teams understood its value and could recommend it to students when the fall semester commenced. The response from Rec directors during the sessions was extremely positive and they are now out promoting the app on their respective campuses.


MOKO Social Media is at the forefront of the next generation in social media and publishing, providing innovative products and content to enable communities to engage and interact. MOKO is a platform publishing company that provides tailored content for high value, niche user groups. Mobile devices, including cell phones and tablets, account for 90 percent of user engagement.

MOKO is currently targeting students, political supporters and active lifestyle participants: communities that share common interests and need to engage regularly and efficiently. MOKO aims to capture these audiences by becoming their destination of choice for information and interaction. It does this by creating highly relevant and exclusive content, and by providing the platforms that enable the communities to consume and share the content seamlessly across devices.

MOKO then generates revenue from sponsorship, content syndication, social network distribution, advertising and other monetization of the platforms.

This integrated approach gives MOKO unique exposure to attractive markets that can be leveraged for revenue and growth. As MOKO grows there are clear synergies across different products, as well significant opportunities for cross promotion and diversification.

MOKO's Monthly Unique Visitors (MUV's) were 10.1 million as at June 2015 and its Monthly Social Reach (MSR) is currently around 179 million people. MOKO aims to reach 10-15 million MUV's by the end of 2015. MOKO is listed on NASDAQ (MOKO) and the Australian Securities Exchange (MKB).


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