ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - Sep 21, 2015) - There's some great news for medical marijuana enthusiasts. The International Canna Pro Expo, which is a public event, promises to help further the knowledge of medical professionals on the many beneficial applications of cannabis. The upcoming event has many people excited, including the likes of Dr. Mark Rosenberg. Rosenberg received his doctorate from Georgetown University, School of Medicine, in 1988; he's been dedicated to drug research since 1991. Dr. Rosenberg is committed and innovative -- always developing new concepts and creating new techniques with integrative cancer therapeutics. Perhaps his biggest strength is his habit of always searching for cures. Dr. Rosenberg wants to discover medical treatments for what are currently considered "incurable diseases."

Dr. Mark Rosenberg will be speaking at the International Canna Pro Expo and discussing his knowledge and vision from a physician's perspective. Industry experts like Dr. Rosenberg can help the public and other scientists interested in medical marijuana understand the common myths about medical marijuana and its use in the medical industry.

The International Canna Pro Expo event will occur over the weekend on Friday October 2, 2015 - October 4, 2015. The agenda is packed with some exciting presentations, such as: Science of Cannabis, Cannabinoids and Cancer, Cannabis and Gastrointestinal Disease, and Veterans and Medical Cannabis. But there will be many more subjects covered during the event.

For those ready to hear the personal testimonies from patients that have turned to medical marijuana for disease, there will be presentations from patients who will give an inside look at the beneficial effects of marijuana and how it's used in the medical field. More information can be found at http://internationalcannaproexpo.com.

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The International Canna Pro Expo offers a platform where health care and business professionals, patients, and the general public can convene to network and learn about the science of medical cannabis.

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