Zignal Labs Launches Command Center to Give a Multi-Screen, Holistic View of Insights Across All Media Channels

Command Center Facilitates Informed Decision-Making Based on Millions of Data Points Beautifully Displayed in Realtime

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zignal Labs, the world’s only realtime media analytics company, today announced the launch of Zignal Command Center, a multi-screen display of the company’s realtime cross media intelligence platform. Enterprise organizations, such as customer launch partner IBM, can now utilize Zignal Command Center to powerfully visualize and take action on insights for more accurately informed decision-making. 

Zignal Command Center provides organizations the unique ability to view data on a large scale across all media channels, not just social media, enabling more proactive and informed decisions across disconnected departments and teams. With this, customers are able to see relevant stories unfold, spot trends and immediately take action with unprecedented accuracy. 

“Zignal Labs has cracked the code on delivering analytics insights in a visually stunning way. We take an unprecedented amount of data and immediately make it comprehensive and relevant.” said Adam Beaugh, President of Zignal Labs. “Whether users are monitoring a marketing campaign, auditing the health of their brand or managing a crisis, organizations should not be required to use multiple tools to aggregate information and share insights across the enterprise. Zignal Command Center users can act quickly and make critical business decisions in response to what is being said, reported and shared around the world or a community.” 

In addition to the data analytics, story-tracking and reporting capabilities that come with the standard Zignal Labs platform, Zignal Command Center users also have the ability to rotate between multiple custom user views, scale their display options and completely customize their experience based on their unique workflow needs and preferences. 

San Francisco area media may attend the Zignal Command Center Launch Brunch, hosted at Zignal Labs, 244 Jackson Street, Second Floor, San Francisco, 94111, by registering here: https://zignalcclb.eventbrite.com

To remotely attend the launch event a live stream may be viewed at http://zignallabs.com/surprise.       

About Zignal Labs

Founded in 2011, Zignal Labs is a leader in delivering data-driven insights from big data analytics, realtime media monitoring, and business intelligence. The Zignal Labs realtime platform empowers customers with the ability to quickly spot trends, see relevant stories unfold, and take action. Comprised of analytics, communications and information technology professionals, the Zignal Labs team has created a simple, comprehensive platform that covers the entire global media spectrum. Headquartered in San Francisco with an office in Washington, DC, the company serves customers around the world in a variety of industries and languages. 

To learn more, visit: www.zignallabs.com.


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