AUSTIN, TEXAS, Sept. 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This month, Scanther Mobile, mobile website and app maker headquartered in Austin, Texas, announced new functionality for small businesses. Launched in 2012, Scanther's software provides a quick and easy way for businesses to create and manage mobile websites and apps. Recently, the company rolled out new benefits of its all-encompassing solution for "what a business really needs," and expanded real-time editing capabilities to smartphones.

"Scanther believes all businesses should be able to use and profit from the convenience of the mobile web," says EJ Archuleta, Co-Founder of Scanther. "Our systems challenge typical notions of website building and editing by creating a platform where business owners can build, edit, and deploy content directly from their mobile devices."

Built from a "mobile first" approach, Scanther prioritizes the mobile experience. The software builds iOS and Android Apps, adds structured data to mobile pages to improve SEO, alerts search engines of mobile-friendly pages to avoid penalization, and submits business data to hundreds of local data sources to increase local search rankings. The software also allows for coupons, loyalty programs, and an unlimited number of push notifications from any device. Businesses require no development resources as Scanther implements mobile websites and builds mobile apps for its customers.

Additionally, Scanther now provides businesses with the freedom to create, edit and update content from all devices, including smartphones. "Scanther mobile editing fits directly in with the hustle and bustle of small business today, because it can be done in seconds from anywhere," Archuleta explains. This new functionality helps businesses better provide up-to-date content for customers.

For more information on Scanther and how the software is helping small businesses achieve mobile freedom, contact EJ at

About Scanther Mobile

Scanther is a business software solution that creates and manages mobile sites and apps on iOS and Android. The software empowers small businesses to more effectively connect with mobile customers to build loyalty, drive foot traffic, and increase revenue. No coding required, Scanther's software provides a system where businesses can easily update their mobile website and apps in real-time from any device, including smartphones. Launched in 2012, Scanther has already helped businesses across all industries achieve mobile freedom and is dedicated to providing an all-inclusive mobile solution for "what a business really needs."

EJ Archuleta