TAMPA BAY, Fla., Sept. 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Infinite Distribution, Inc., a Tampa Bay technology and sales solution company, today announced the launch of The Gluu, a distribution and sales platform for cannabis accessory products, at a time when legal cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the U.S.. Infinite Distribution also announced an opportunity to be part of the company on the ground level with a $2M private investment offering.

“We have taken decades of ‘knocking on doors’ sales and distribution experience and built software to make it faster, easier and simpler for even the smallest company to get their products into stores,” said Tom Quigley, the Company’s CEO. “Cannabis accessory products present a unique opportunity where we have market experiencing rapid growth, where both vendors and retailers lack any real distribution model. It’s a fresh market with huge potential perfectly poised for a solution such as The Gluu.”

More than 30 vendors have signed up to put products on The Gluu for its initial launch in November, including: MyDx (OTCQB:MYDX), Clean 1st (OTC:BLDV), VapeXhale, STASHLOGIX (storage), Recreator (hemp clothing) and Formula 420 (cleaner), among others.

Infinite Distribution was born out of Common Bond Collaborative, an Ybor City based business incubator which helps startup companies get the services they need to build strong businesses in exchange for equity instead of payment upfront. It’s a model popular in Silicon Valley, with Y Combinator representing the largest, spawning such companies as AirBnB, Reddit and Dropbox.

“With technology, distribution is built in… not so with physical products,” said Pete Sessa, COO Common Bond Collaborative. “Only 6% of retail purchases are made online, so if you want to launch a product you need to get it into stores. That was the missing piece for all these startups. They have really great teams with amazing products, just no way to take them to market. Infinite Distribution closes that gap.“

Infinite Distribution began its $2M capital raise last week at the Marijuana Investor Summit in Los Angeles and will be present at The ArcView Group on September 29th, as well as pitching at TIECon (http://tieconfl.com/ ) in Tampa on October 3rd along with two other Common Bond resident companies Looshes Sk8 and Hope N A Box.

Infinite Distribution is part of the Infinite Message family of companies which includes Common Bond Collaborative.  Infinite Message is a complete ecosystem for brining products to market from inception through fulfillment. Located in Tampa’s Ybor City, Infinite Message is a Florida based startup dedicated to helping other Florida startups succeed.

Pete Sessa