Banjo Gives Away Crystal Ball to Members of the Media

Company to Offer Complimentary Access to Banjo Discovery, Powering Real-Time Breaking News Insights and Content

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Sep 24, 2015) - Banjo, a live digital capture of everything happening in the world, today announced that it will grant free access to its technology to media organizations. Many of today's top news organizations are already using Banjo's "crystal ball" to empower their news reporting, and the enhanced Banjo Discovery offers complimentary access to the technology for the first time.

Banjo captures real-time social and digital signals created every second and makes sense of them using sophisticated image recognition, text analysis and geo-location technology. This "crystal ball" is the confluence of time, location, and context that delivers an unprecedented level of understanding to virtually any industry.

When news breaks, media teams need to immediately know the when, where, and what of the situation. With Banjo, media organizations receive alerts to breaking news, report unfolding events in real-time, connect with eyewitness sources, and uncover insights for ongoing investigative stories. Media not only get on-the-ground content that provides instant context, but they also use Banjo to publish that content and get on air first.

"We've built the first and only platform that can genuinely tell you what's happening anywhere in the world as it happens. Banjo is an energy source that helps people make better, faster decisions, and that's valuable to any industry. But media's sole existence relies on understanding and communicating the when, where, and what of both planned and breaking events," said Banjo CEO Damien Patton. "I want them to have unfettered access to the crystal ball for immediate knowledge and context of the important events in our world."

Trending Events
Along with newly free access and a completely enhanced UI, Banjo Discovery will have access to a Trending Events dashboard. Banjo's Trending Events is a blend of real-time Banjo event content and top social network feeds of the world's most engaging conversations. With this powerful combination at their fingertips, media organizations can cover the world's biggest stories and events with real-time photos, videos, text and insights from all major social channels.

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About Banjo
Banjo captures, understands and organizes the world's digital signals to deliver instant insights into what's happening anywhere in the world at any time. Organizations using Banjo's global "crystal ball" have access to an unprecedented level of data, helping them make faster, smarter decisions. Founded in 2011 by CEO Damien Patton, Banjo is an award-winning, fast growth company described by Inc. Magazine as "The God's Eye View." Visit