SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Sep 25, 2015) - With the humid weather in tropical Singapore coupled with the recent haze, it is inevitable for us to notice a difference in our hair condition and quality. In order to ensure that your crowning glory remains in healthy condition, pamper your scalp and hair with the range of products from Nutricap, guaranteed to make your hair look fabulous and camera-ready at all times!

Originating from France, Nutricap is a favourite hair & nail supplements brand. The Nutricap Anti Hair Loss range is designed for those suffering from hair loss. Made from all natural ingredients, the Nutricap Growth oral supplements promises a 121% increase in hair growth. It contains Prolytein that helps promote hair growth and strengthens hair and nails, Iron and Vitamins B5, B2 and PPP which help fight against temporary fatigue that may be responsible for hair loss. Besides Zinc and Vitamin B8, the capsules also contain Vitamin E with anti-radical action which helps protect cells against oxidative stress.

There is also the Nutricap Anti Hair Loss Serum which stops hair loss and stimulates growth. The serum which comes in a box of 10 phials, contain plant-based active ingredients which aid in hair loss and stimulate and promote cellular activity within the hair follicles which activate growth.

For greater efficacy, complete your hair care regimen with Nutricap Anti Hair Loss Shampoo. The shampoo contains Prolytein, a plant-based extract, which stimulates growth of existing hair and delays the hair loss process. It also contains wheat protein which softens hair and active ingredients which help hair regain its radiance. The Nutricap Anti Hair Loss range guarantees to regenerate and revitalise your scalp and goes a long way in fighting hair loss.

Nutricap also features a Keratin Vitality range, which is ideal for dry and damaged hair. It comes with Nutricap Vitality & Beauty Shampoo, Nutricap Nutritive & Detangling Treatment and Nutricap Keratin Vitalite. The Nutricap Keratin Vitality range promises to restore the strength and elasticity of your hair so that your hair looks and feels fabulous.

The Nutricap Anti Hair Loss and Keratin Vitality ranges are now available at all Guardian outlets. For a limited time only, from October 8 to December 2, Nutricap will be having a promotion: "Buy 2 for 3." Customers will be able to buy any 2 Nutricap items and get the third Nutricap item for free.

The pricing (including GST) of the above products is as follows:

  • Nutricap Growth
    • 60 caps, S$59.90
    • 180 caps, S$119.80
  • Nutricap Anti Hair Loss Serum, S$69.90
  • Nutricap Anti Hair Loss Shampoo, (150ml) S$22.90
  • Nutricap Keratin Vitalite
    • 30 caps, S$49.90
    • 90 caps, S$99.80
  • Nutricap Vitality and Beauty Shampoo (200ml), S$19.90
  • Nutricap Nutritive and Detangling Treatment (100ml), S$18.90

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