PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - Sep 28, 2015) - iovation, the digital reputation authority, today announced that representatives from Citibank, Enova, Intuit, Orbitz and U.S. Bank, and world-renowned cyber detective Lance James will be headline speakers at iovation's 4th Annual Fraud Force Summit. All of the headliners will share methods of fighting cybercrime while providing a safe and frictionless experience for good customers.

Fraud Force gives iovation clients an exclusive in-person closed-door opportunity to exchange what are the latest global cyber threats and evasion techniques, and solutions to uncover and fight them. Attendees at the summit will benefit from learning new uses for globally shared device-based intelligence from world-renowned anti-fraud professionals in the finance, insurance, retail, social media, travel, ticketing, telecommunications and gaming industries. The Fraud Force Summit runs October 11-13 in Portland, Oregon.

"iovation is a pioneer in partnered sharing of fraud intelligence as well as coming up with creative ways to exchange cyberthreat information," said Jim Houlihan, Director of Fraud at Orbitz Worldwide and Fraud Force speaker. "The Fraud Force Summit is the most effective way to break barriers in exchanging intelligence among people on the front lines and fraud management. I always look forward to getting new information from both iovation and my fraud peers on the latest attack vectors and advanced ways fraudsters are trying to evade anti-fraud systems."

Specific speaking sessions and corresponding speakers include:

  • "Tools, Techniques and Strategies for Combatting Account Takeover" by Citibank's Digital Channels Fraud Manager, Nina Zmanovskaya
  • "Why and How: Advanced Analytics for Fraud Prevention" by Enova International's Chief Analytics Officer, Joe Decosmo
  •  "Beyond Device IDs: How Intuit Uses Device Information in Their Flash Fraud Machine Learning Process" by Intuit's Manager of Risk Modeling & Data Sciences, Josh Frank, and Senior Analytics Engineer, Dusan Bosnjakovic
  • "How to Build a Best-in-Class Fraud Prevention Team and Strategy" by Orbitz Worldwide's Director of Fraud, Jim Houlihan
  • "How U.S. Bank Implemented a World-class Fraud Prevention Platform" by U.S. Bank's VP, Omnichannel Group, Jackie Buonassisi
  • "In Fraud They Trust: Adversary Profiling and Preemptive Counterfraud Strategies" by Unit 221B's CEO & Global Cyber Intelligence Advisor, Lance James

Outside of the main sessions, iovation experts will be hosting "learning labs" to dive deeper into the latest technology innovations and programs rolled out for iovation clients. These include educational topics such as identifying mobile anomalies, the benefits of multi-domain recognition, why risk profiles are integral to fraud prevention strategies, leveraging new data fields for iovation's new enhanced search and reporting capabilities, understanding compound business rules, utilizing link analysis, and more.

Besides the intensive sessions being held at The Nines Hotel in Portland, Fraud Force also has networking events in and around the city. These include a wine country tour of Oregon's famed Willamette Valley vineyards, an outing in a "tree-to-tree" adventure park and much more.

"While the main objective of iovation's Fraud Force Summit is to provide our clients additional insight into the latest cyberthreats and discover ways to prevent them, we recognize that they need time to connect with their peers on a personal level," said iovation's Director of Marketing, Connie Gougler. "I can't think of a better setting to do so than spending a few days in Portland, where iovation is headquartered, with its unique mix of cosmopolitan and outdoor adventures."

More details about Fraud Force Summit 2015 can be found at fraudforcesummit.com.

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