EASTON, PA--(Marketwired - September 28, 2015) - "I've never understood why so many cigar smokers avoid Mexican cigars," says CigarAdvisor.com executive editor, Gary Korb. "Somewhere along the line they got a bad rap, but when it comes to San Andrés tobacco, Mexico is having the last laugh." Korb added that a lot of cigars he keeps returning to have Mexican San Andrés maduro wrappers. To share his affection for this sweet and savory tobacco, Korb has written, "Mexican San Andrés Cigars: Discover 10 of the Best," in which he describes the origin and flavor characteristics of San Andrés wrapper, and lists 10 cigars which he feels represent some of the best examples. Additionally, Famous Smoke Shop has also made a cigar sampler featuring all 10 cigars.

The Mexican cigar tobacco story begins in 1880, when Cuban émigré Alberto Turrent I, moved in to Mexico's San Andrés Valley and planted the Cuban tobacco seeds he brought with him. Today, the A. Turrent family has the corner of the market, and their San Andrés tobacco is used for some of the world's best premiums, including such highly-touted brands as Montecristo, Macanudo, and Padrón cigars.

Regarding Mexico's lackluster reputation for their cigars, Mr. Korb points out that after the Cuban Embargo, Mexican cigars like Te-Amo were "all the rage" during the 1960's, but with "mixed feelings." Mexico's heavy import duties didn't help, so all Mexican cigars were made entirely from Mexican tobacco, until 1996 when the tax was finally repealed.

"By then it may have been too late," adds Mr. Korb, "since countries like the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua were already exporting their cigars into the U.S. market, and cigar smokers left their Mexican cigars in favor of the quality and taste of the native-grown tobaccos used in the three aforementioned countries. Many believe this is what has contributed to Mexican brands having a negative image."

Today, San Andrés wrapper is among the most sought-after by many blenders for its ability to balance well with just about any other filler tobacco, adding elements of earthiness, light spicy notes, and a slightly sweeter character to a given blend.

Among the cigars Mr. Korb's list of "favorites," they include the E.P.C. La Historia "El Senador," Room 101 San Andrés "213," Liga Undercrown Gran Toro, Jericho Hill "OBS," and the unusually-shaped Quesada 40th Anniversary L.E. Salomon to name a handful.

"I'm not sure if the article will change many cigar smokers' opinions of Mexican cigars," said Korb. "My hope is that they'll gain a newfound appreciation for this leaf, which I'd be willing to bet they've already smoked in some of their favorite cigars either as a filler, binder, or wrapper." To read Mr. Korb's article and see his list of the best cigars with Mexican San Andrés wrappers, click here.

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