PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL--(Marketwired - Sep 28, 2015) - EncounterCare Solutions, Inc. (OTC PINK: ECSL)

CyberFuels, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of EncounterCare, Inc., is pleased to announce that it has signed a distribution agreement with the Stacey Buying Group of Kahnawake, Canada. Under the terms of the agreement, SBG will begin selling EcoFlex 96 ™ at its stations. The initial station will be flagged as an EcoFlex 96 station. The station owners expect to have initial sales of 36000 gallons per month. SBG operates and sells products to 21 stations in Montreal and the Kahnawake reservation. SBG expects annual sales of EcoFlex96™ to be 2,000,000 gallons within 12 months. Additionally, SBG will sell and distribute the Dynamo™ Additive products throughout its existing franchise locations as well as other non-owned travel plazas throughout the Greater Montreal area.

CyberFuels™ is also pleased to announce that it is expanding its sales of EcoFlex 96™ into the retail market in Florida. Agreements have been reached with the first retail outlet for Ecoflex96™ which will be in Bunnell, Florida. Sales are expected to begin in November at the first station with immediate expansion expected to follow within the greater Orlando, Central Florida market.

Tom Gleason, Executive Vice president for CyberFuels™ states, "These new contracts allow CyberFuels™ access to the 3.6 million Flex Fuels cars in Canada and will allow Canadian owners to benefit from the increased power and miles per gallon EcoFlex96™ provides and, at the same time, make a sizable positive impact on decreasing emissions in the environment. Additionally, we have taken a measured and deliberate pace in our Florida rollout. It has progressed extremely well and now that we have proven our logistics model, and have our distribution network in place in both Canada and Florida, we expect to add stations at a much faster pace".

About: SBG: SBG is a network of Native stations in Canada and the US. SBG has preferred relationships with these independent retailers. SBG expects to represent the product line throughout the provinces of Canada and these select communities in the US.

About: CyberFuels, Inc.
CyberFuels EcoFlex 96™, offers a seamless, high octane alternative to gasoline for flex fuel vehicles.
CyberFuels EcoFlex 96™, can be transported, stored and pumped like regular. Unlike other proposed fuel options, there is no need to retrofit your car's engine. CyberFuels proprietary products are sold under the brand names EcoFlex 96™, Imperial 96™, and Noventa y Seis Mas™ and Eco Island Blend™, a hygroscopic (water absorbing) fuel.

The CyberFuels lines of products also include "Dynamo™" brands:

Dynamo™ Diesel Cetane Booster
 Has been to shown to deliver an average Cetane rating over 52 when added to regular diesel fuel at fill up. We believe Dynamo™ Diesel Cetane Booster improves engine performance, power, and boosts MPG over 10% along with improving cold flow, increasing lubricity and cleaning fuel injectors.

Dynamo™ Gasoline Octane Booster
Which we believe dramatically improves octane and increases the miles per gallon (mpg). We suggest Dynamo™ Gasoline Octane Booster allows consumers to purchase regular 87 octane gasoline and increase the power and performance of that fuel to equal that of superior high test 93 octane gasoline, by adding a bottle of our Dynamo™ Gasoline Octane Booster to their tank at fill up.

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