AURORA, CO--(Marketwired - Sep 29, 2015) - The Fraternal Health & Safety Initiative (FHSI), a consortium of international and national fraternity member clients of James R. Favor & Company (JRFCo) and leading national sororities, today announced more than 38,000 undergraduates have been exposed to one or more modules of the FHSI curriculum since the program was launched in September 2014. These figures exceed the consortium's goal of reaching 35,000 in the first year of this critical initiative. Training sessions were held by ten national organizations.

"As the FHSI reaches its first anniversary, we are proud to recognize the progress we've made as a united front, helping thousands of undergraduates shape safer campus environments," said Marc Mores, Executive Vice President of James R. Favor & Co. "At the same time, we know our work is far from done. With renewed enthusiasm and momentum, we will continue to educate undergraduate fraternity and sorority members to help them become the catalysts for change that we know they can be."

During its inaugural year, the FHSI consortium expanded beyond its original eight fraternity members and welcomed two sorority members: Alpha Delta Pi, one of the first societies for college women, and Gamma Phi Beta, an organization committed to advocating for ethical behavior, respect and integrity. Nearly 350 alumni/ae, volunteers and/or staff members were also trained as facilitators for one or more of the FHSI program modules this year, further strengthening its ability to expand in year two. 

"Gamma Phi Beta joined the Fraternal Health & Safety Initiative because we strongly believe that establishing a uniform language, skill set and decision-making framework will empower undergraduate men and women to use their influence for good," said Krista Davis, International President of Gamma Phi Beta.

Participants in the FHSI program modules reported compelling learning outcomes. For example, of the fraternity men who completed the Taking a Stand: Preventing Sexual Misconduct on Campus module:

  • 85% felt more equipped to address actions of their brothers that could place them at-risk for sexual assault
  • 86% felt more knowledgeable about what constitutes sexual assault and/or sexual misconduct
  • 82% felt more empowered to serve as a campus and fraternal leader in addressing sexual misconduct within their community
  • 86% recommended the program be offered in the future for other chapters

In addition, 99.2% of fraternity men who participated in the CHOICES about Alcohol and Other Drugs and the Higher Standards of Fraternities program module indicated that they would know what actions to take if a friend passed out from consuming too much alcohol and would follow-through on those actions.

The FHSI's first-of-its-kind research-based curriculum was established to educate undergraduates to prevent, identify and intervene against the most pressing social issues facing college campuses today: sexual and relationship misconduct, binge drinking and hazing. Moving forward, JRFCo will focus on continuing to bolster its existing curriculum and expand the reach of the consortium, as well as developing supplemental resources and programs. JRFCo is also poised to collaborate with other organizations and institutions through the FHSI, to further expand and enhance its ongoing prevention efforts.

About the Fraternal Health and Safety Initiative
The Fraternal Health & Safety Initiative (FHSI) was developed by the James R. Favor & Company in 2013 in an effort to address risk management issues impacting the health and safety of participating fraternity and sorority members and guests present within the fraternal community. The FHSI Consortium of ten leading international and national fraternities and sororities represents approximately 100,000 undergraduate men and women at more than 350 college campuses. The FHSI provides expertise, leadership and innovation to meet the unique challenges facing fraternal organizations in today's complex world. For more information about the Fraternal Health and Safety Initiative, visit For more information about James R. Favor & Company, visit

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