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Gianni Kovacevic has enlightened audiences around the world with his unique insights into wide-ranging topics such as modern energy, the rise of the new spending class and how the environment and investment often go hand-in-hand. In his new book Kovacevic inspires readers on how to become hyperaware participants in the unstoppable trends of changing demographics, technology, and in-turn, the importance of being realistic environmentalists.

To celebrate the release of My Electrician Drives a Porsche, Gianni Kovacevic is kicking off a 32-city North American tour titled, "The Realistic Environmentalist Tour." Gianni will drive a Tesla Model S from Toronto, Canada, to the Tesla Headquarters in Palo Alto, California - intersecting more than 100 destinations and 32 official tour locations. By engaging his fellow citizens with all forms of media in each city, the objective of the tour is to illustrate what makes green energy and human progress factually possible while debunking common myths from electric cars to the future of energy. His newly published book, fortified by these numerous public appearances, will enlighten investors and environmentally conscious people alike with memorable stories and bonafide facts to better understanding ethical development practices and tips for responsible wealth creation. Information on the tour can be found at or at @RealisticEnviro

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My Electrician Drives a Porsche? Investing in the Rise of the New Spending Class is published by Greenleaf Book Group LLC in the United States, Granville Island Publishing in Canada, and Finanzbuch Verlag in Germany (in German). The book will be available in Barnes & Noble, on Amazon & other online retailers, and in airport bookstores nationwide in February 2016.

About Gianni Kovacevic:

Gianni Kovacevic fascinates audiences with his artful storytelling and picturesque analysis that makes complicated theories interesting and far more understandable.

An avid proponent of realistic environmentalism, he is frequently interviewed by the media with his unique way of applying the algebra way of thinking to solving global problems. Fluent in English, German, Italian and Croatian, Kovacevic makes his home in Vancouver, Canada.

For speaking engagements, he is represented by Executive Speakers Bureau in the USA and Keynote Speakers Canada. Connect with Kovacevic: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube &

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About The Book:

A weekend service call changes the life of Doc Anderson forever.

Johnny, the surprisingly wealthy energy whiz kid, introduces Doc to a compelling new investment theme - following the rise of a new spending class. As they set course on a fact-filled adventure, Doc's eyes are opened to the impact that billions of new consumers will have on our environment and how their entrance to our fast-changing world will figure into the economy of the future. Through this journey, he too becomes a hyper-aware participant in the boundless opportunities for responsible wealth creation with his newfound knowledge base in what makes realistic environmentalism possible.

Order the book now to take advantage of pre-launch offers including exclusive content, travel opportunities, sporting events - and to join The Realistic Environmentalist Tesla Tour!

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