BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Sep 29, 2015) - Brand Networks, the leading provider of relevance-driven native advertising and content marketing software, today announced that it has made several enhancements to the Brand Networks Platform. This latest update adds major new capabilities to its fully-integrated software suite that allow marketing teams to plan, approve, publish, promote, manage, and analyze the most relevant paid and organic content across the world's most pervasive native social channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Meeting Business Goals with Relevance-Driven Marketing
The platform now consists of five integrated modules that help marketers deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. This is the core of relevance-driven marketing.

"Recently, the headlines have predicted the demise of digital advertising at the hands of ad-blocking technology," said Jamie Tedford, CEO and Founder, Brand Networks. "In fact, ad blocking only poses a threat to non-native ads that lack targeting, timing and creativity, and serve to disrupt consumers from their digital experience. In other words, people are demanding that marketing be more relevant and feel more native to the experience they're enjoying. The enhanced Brand Networks Platform helps marketers meet those demands."

The Brand Networks Platform enables teams to maintain all their activity, creative, and data in a single system-of-record, where it can be scaled across channels. New workflow features can be configured for specific team members to facilitate content creation, routing, and approval, ensuring teams stay focused on vital business goals such as expanding mindshare and increasing revenue. All five integrated modules help marketers find increased relevance to improve their odds of breaking through:

  • Plan - Drive centralized collaboration to improve communication and productivity so the whole team can focus on reaching their targets.
  • Publish - Schedule, publish, and promote relevant organic content across owned social channels.
  • Advertise - Launch and manage large, complex native ad campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn with a common workflow that's easy to scale.
  • Automate - Trigger and optimize ads based on first- or third-party data; automate ad buying across native platforms to save time and focus on the highest-impact activities.
  • Analyze - Review results and produce custom-branded dashboards, ensuring insights are discovered and leveraged in future campaigns.

Increased Relevance Drives Marketing Effectiveness
With its award-winning Open Signals technology, Brand Networks pioneered the use of multiple internal and external data sources to make native advertising more relevant to the consumer and more effective for the marketer. In this latest platform release, Brand Networks has again raised the bar. By incorporating several powerful new technologies from its acquisition of SHIFT earlier this year, Brand Networks now provides the most advanced, fully integrated software platform for relevance-driven native advertising and content marketing.

"Delivering an ad is actually the final step in a complex content creation process," said James Borow, Chief Product Officer, Brand Networks. "Now, marketers can use the Brand Networks Platform to remove silos between internal teams, external agencies, data, analytics, systems, and processes to deliver highly relevant marketing across native social channels."

The Brand Networks Platform includes several award-winning technologies that increase the relevance and effectiveness of native social content:

  • Relevance Rank - Scores all content in real-time to surface a brand's top organic content so it can be quickly promoted, or to identify its most relevant paid media with potential for expansion.
  • Open Signals - Automatically triggers ad creation and placement based on dozens of real-world data streams, such as weather, sports scores, television schedules and ads, and first-party data like inventory levels, to deliver ultra-relevant, contextual advertising.
  • Optimize Now - Monitors native ads around the clock and algorithmically optimizes performance and cost, reducing user error and delivering against multiple objectives at once.
  • Collision Management - Reveals sources of ad targeting overlap and unwanted cost inflation due to self-competition in the auction, with targeting recommendations to help users identify unaddressed opportunities.
  • Atlas Integration - Moves beyond cookies to true people-based marketing with cross-device persistence, achieving audience accuracy at scale across the web.

"We create and manage complex multi-channel media campaigns for top brands like Dunkin Donuts and Liberty Mutual, and native social advertising is a vital part of this mix," said Crystal Snee, Associate Director, Platform Media for Trilia Media, a Hill Holliday company. "We use the Brand Networks Platform throughout the agency and depend on its advanced technology, like Open Signals, to automate and optimize our native social ad spend, and increase the relevance and effectiveness of clients' campaigns."

Flexible Delivery Model to Suit Wide Range of Customer Needs
The Brand Networks Platform is available in self-service, managed-service, or co-managed configurations. Self-service software access is perfect for marketers who would rather manage their own campaigns. With managed-service, the Brand Networks Customer Success team acts on behalf of the customer, managing, optimizing, and reporting on campaigns. The co-managed option provides a mix of self-service access and managed-service to meet the specific needs of each customer engagement.

"Brand Networks gives us the opportunity and flexibility to use their platform in a variety of ways," said Jessica Mann, Senior Marketing Manager, Gilt. "As a customer for several years, their support and capabilities keep pace with our quick-moving business by offering both self-serve and co-managed campaigns. Brand Networks' platform has enabled our growth and expansion across a variety of social publishers. We're excited for the new capabilities in the latest version and continuing to grow our campaigns."

Request Demo of the Platform
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About Brand Networks
Founded in 2006, Brand Networks delivers relevance-driven native advertising and content marketing to 650 enterprise customers, including half of the Fortune 100 and 17 of AdAge's 25 Most Advertised Brands. The Brand Networks Platform is the world's first social marketing software with a relevance engine at its core, designed to help marketers achieve the highest possible levels of effectiveness and efficiency across paid, earned and owned channels, at every stage of the social marketing process. Brand Networks is headquartered in Boston with offices in San Francisco, New York City, Rochester, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Sydney, and Mexico City. For more information, please visit