Hollywood, CA, Sept. 29, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "Back Stabber" is the newest series being independently produced for Netflix,the online streaming platform that has changed the game in video entertainment.Netflix (NYSE: NFLX) has changed the way consumers access television shows and movies, the online streaming platform has caused a major decrease in cable subscribes, and has created some of the most award winning television shows and movies available.

 The new series, within one week of releasing its show trailer, has already acquired over 8000 YouTube views. Though Netflix produced series have had tremendous success in the past, producers of the new show have recently been looking into taking the series to network TV stations, saying "Netflix series don't receive the attention for potential profit from sponsors as network TV shows do, and being an independently produced show, Netflix is not funding any part of the production. Therefor, in order to keep the potential of creating the series, we will be forced to move to network TV if investors don't become available."

Shows such as House of Cards, and Orange Is The New Black, have been pioneers for Netflix. Making over $100 million in sponsored ads its first season, House of Cards was the first Netflix Original Content to receive paid sponsorships, the Back Stabber Producers said, "We understand that most Netflix programs don't do that well, but with our marketing team and advertising success rate, Back Stabber will become highly successful. We can technically finish the series with the funding we have now, but it would just end up being like all the others, and that is not our goal. We want to be a pioneer for Netflix, and with the potential the series has, itll be a shame if we have to settle for it being normal."

Already reaching out to Karey Burke and Simran S. Sethi, the VP's of programing at ABC Family, as well as Lauren Dolgen and Mina Lefevre the VP's at Viacom and MTV, the shows producers are itching to move the series, saying "The series would fit perfectly on MTV or ABC Family, and if we get the chance to meet with them and make the switch, it would drastically improve our chances of finding investors for the remainder of the series."

Though Back Stabber has already partnered with Z Skin Cosmetics and Dell Computers, as well as having other major brands in negotiation, the show is lacking the necessary funding needed to complete the final production. As an independently produced show for Netflix, the producers will receive a pay-per-stream royalty fee, saying "Because Netflix isn't just buying out the show, there is a lot of opportunity for investors to make their money back, which is information that is over looked by potential sponsors. And being paid per stream, the amount of money that will be made from the show is much higher than on network TV, so it'll be unfortunate if we have to move it from Netflix."

Back Stabber was set for release in early 2016, but with the producer's recent decision to seek new funding for the remainder of the series, the new release date is yet to be announced.

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Ryan Zamo, Executive Producer "Back Stabber"