MALMO, SWEDEN--(Marketwired - Sep 30, 2015) - Mapillary, the community-based mapping platform, launched a refreshed iOS app, which lets users map and browse street level photos faster and more easily than ever before. By implementing native components into Mapillary 4.0, the app now can operate at optimal performance on any iPhone. The updated UI/UX uses maps from Mapbox, an open source toolset for building mapping applications for iPhone and iPad devices, and is powered by OpenGL, allowing the app to use vector tiles, meaning that zooming is improved and load times are decreased. Individual profiles and feeds now group photo sequences by year and month, making it easy for users to discover what they need, when they want it. Mapillary has also made it possible to comment on photos, allowing users to engage with one another on the platform. Users can now elect to enable push notifications that alert them to new comments on their photos or new photos in a specific geographic area, and can now share content from Mapillary to social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, directly from within the app. These added features will foster stronger user engagement within the Mapillary app and the mapping community as a whole.

About Mapillary
Mapillary is a community-based mapping photo app. By collecting photos for maps, Mapillary explores more than just streets, providing real-time data for cities and governments at scale and helping over-served and underserved communities alike. With hundreds of thousands of new photos every day, Mapillary can connect photos to create an immersive ground-level view of the world for users to virtually explore and to document how places change over time. By providing this simple tool, Mapillary is not only mapping the planet but creating a beautiful, digital representation of the world.

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