BELLEVUE, WA--(Marketwired - Oct 1, 2015) - CloudMunch™, an innovative DevOps platform provider, today announced the release of DevOps Grader, a new tool designed to help enterprises deliver better software faster. The web-based tool helps DevOps teams quickly assess core competencies across the development & deployment processes and identify areas for improvement. The interactive, self-administered questionnaire objectively evaluates company practices against industry best practices, then provides instant "grades" on five critical DevOps areas: continuous delivery, continuous deployment, continuous insights, continuous integration and governance. The tool is available free of charge.

"Today, DevOps needs to focus more on collaborative processes to increase agility and productivity across the enterprise," said Al Hilwa, program director for software development research at IDC. "Inconsistent configurations and errors occur in application development and modern developer tools can help to resolve these problems. Tracking and evaluating the stages of an application implementation is key for DevOps and enterprise developers."

"Faster business cycles and the emergence of Cloud & DevOps have changed IT best practices, resulting in a host of new challenges in enterprise environments," said Pradeep Prabhu, co-founder and CEO of CloudMunch. "These organizations are under pressure to integrate multiple platforms and diverse toolsets while meeting increasing demands for speed and flexibility. Our new DevOps Grader helps these teams identify critical gaps in their infrastructure, processes and workflows so they will be more aligned with evolving best practices in the industry."

DevOps Grader guides users through a detailed examination of development competencies in five key areas including:

  • Continuous delivery: Assesses an organization's ability to manage and control application changes, as well as deployment of individual features to production and feature visibility.
  • Continuous deployment: Measures consistency in processes for deploying operating systems and application across all environments. Also, evaluates documentation of processes and ability to deploy changes with zero user-visible downtime.
  • Continuous insights: Identifies tracking metrics used to improve and innovate the process; build/deployment times; frequency and failure rates; and application and user behavior
  • Continuous integration: Evaluates ability to manage version control, automated build process, testing procedures, execution of automated builds and responses to build failures.
  • Governance: Assesses role-based access control and implementation of segregation-of-duties (SoD) requirements, as well as ability to identify and implement improvements regularly and continuously.

The interactive DevOps Grader is available for use, free of charge. Enterprises interested in optimizing their DevOps environment can visit:

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