RICHMOND, VA--(Marketwired - Oct 1, 2015) - SingleStone, a Richmond, Va.-based consulting firm that specializes in customer experience solutions, has released a report containing independent research on customer effort and its impact on brand perception and purchase intent, along with a pilot product that helps businesses easily measure customer effort.

As many business interactions shift into the hands of customers, they increasingly expect simple interactions. They want easy. What happens when it's not so easy? That's what SingleStone explored in the company's most recent customer research report, Don't Make Me Work: Streamlining Customer Effort Can Boost Business Results.

Using a simulated online product registration process, SingleStone's Customer Research Lab studied how customers responded to an online transaction at low, medium and high levels of effort. Though researchers have studied how customer effort helps predict customer loyalty, SingleStone wanted to understand the impact of customer effort and the factors that drive customer effort in digital channels.

The findings supported the hypothesis that high effort interactions result in negative brand impression and decreased purchase intent. In fact, a complex transaction decreased both brand impression and purchase intent by 15% compared to a simple transaction.

Given the significant impact of customer effort on brand impression and purchase intent, and the importance of effectively measuring customer effort on an ongoing basis, SingleStone has developed a new product, Glean. Glean is a CES Dashboard that collects results from CES feedback and visualizes performance across service interactions, channels and time, making it easier for businesses to pinpoint areas of high customer effort and receive real-time feedback directly from customers.

The product is one of the first dashboards to help businesses measure transactional customer experience in real time, helping businesses learn when and how to reduce customer effort in critical areas. To be included in the pilot program for the Glean CES Dashboard and explore the product's many capabilities, visit

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