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Tilray, one of Canada's largest and most reputable licensed producers of medical cannabis, today unveiled a broad-based line of 20 different medical cannabis extract products. The products will be available for sale in the coming weeks. Each of the products offers patients more precise control over dosage as well as convenient consumption methods, and many result in longer-lasting effects than smoking or vaporizing.

"We are proud to provide patients and physicians with the largest selection of high THC and CBD strains and now extracts on the market," said Philippe Lucas, Tilray's Vice President of Patient Services. "All of our extract products start with meticulously grown cannabis from right here in BC before undergoing a cold extraction process designed to deliver a pure, aromatic and effective product."

Tilray's line of extract products are being produced using state-of-the art, cold extraction methods to preserve delicate cannabinoid and terpene content. The products include:

  • Drops (available in Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and two varieties of CBD) for convenient ingestion. These products also give patients the option of infusing cannabis into many foods of their choice.
  • Liquid capsules (available in Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and two varieties of CBD) for easy ingestion and precise dosage.
  • Vaporizer oil (available in two varieties of CBD) for inhalation and ease of use via vaporization, which is an alternative to smoking. Subject to approval from Health Canada, this product will be available in a pre-filled vaporizer cartridge.
  • Oral spray (available in Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and two varieties of CBD) for quick onset of relief; both convenient and fast-acting.
  • Topical oil (available in Hybrid and two varieties of CBD) for direct skin application and localized use.

In a historic decision for medical cannabis patients and researchers, the Supreme Court of Canada found in June that Canadians have a constitutional right to possess non-dried forms of marijuana, opening the door to the production of extracts and other derivatives. Tilray has received regulatory approvals to produce extracts and expects to obtain approval to sell extracts from Health Canada in the coming weeks. Over the coming months, Tilray also hopes to work with Health Canada to evolve the rules governing the production and sale of medical cannabis extracts to provide patients and health care practitioners with additional options - including products with greater concentrations of THC.

"Innovation in cannabis oils and extracts is an important next step in making Canada a global leader in medical cannabis research, production and distribution," said Tilray Chief Science Officer Dr. Joshua Eades. "We view these products as a starting point and hope to work with Health Canada to evolve the rules governing extract production to give Canadian patients, physicians and researchers more options for consuming medical cannabis without smoking."

About Tilray

Tilray is a medical cannabis company dedicated to offering quality and consistency for patients who utilize, and healthcare professionals who authorize, medical cannabis.

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