PETERBOROUGH, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Oct. 5, 2015) - Area long-term care staff want MPP Jeff Leal to show he cares about the well-being of nursing home residents. Tomorrow (Tuesday October 6, 2015) at 1 p.m. Kelly Twiselton a personal support worker and a dozen or so of her co-workers will head to Leal's, Peterborough constituency office at 236 King Street for a "Time to Care" rally. They want Leal to champion making a four-hour daily care standard for nursing home resident the law in Ontario.

When first elected in 2003, Leal's Liberal government had committed to legislating a care standard. But have since reneged on that promise, says Twiselton.

Every year, more complex hospital patients often with dementia and behavioural problems, are downloaded into long-term care as hospital beds are cut and budgets slashed. But care levels in long-term care homes have not increased to meet the heavier and more complex care needs of these residents, placing residents and staff at higher risk.

"The liberal government has failed to act on these recommendations and the outcome has been dire," says Kelly O'Sullivan chair of CUPE Ontario's health care worker's group.

Ten years ago a coroner's jury recommended sweeping changes into the operation of Ontario's long-term care homes after the deaths of two residents at the hands of another at the Casa Verde home. Key jury recommendations included a minimum care standard, improved staffing levels, mandatory specialized units for residents who pose a risk to themselves or others, and better admission and assessment protocols be instituted to protect against future tragedies.

"We are looking for our MPP to show leadership within his government, change the law and give me and other long-term care staff, the time to provide care with compassion and dignity to residents," says Twiselton.

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Kelly Twiselton
Personal Support Worker

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CUPE Communications