TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Oct. 5, 2015) - Co-op Cabs is calling on the City of Toronto to stand up to the questionable tactics and illegal business practices of Uber and seek an immediate injunction against UberX, the illegal ride-sharing service.

"Uber's decision to keep operating illegally despite Council's vote makes a mockery of our city, our regulations, and our politicians," says Peter Zahakos, CEO of Co-op Cabs. "Where's the political will to enforce our laws and deal with a company that continues to flaunt the law?"

Last week, city council kicked the can further down the road, deciding to delay making a decision on regulating Uber and to keep studying the issue despite having made a similar motion back in July.

Mayor John Tory even went so far as to say despite the fact UberX "operates outside the law" the city doesn't "have the necessary resources" to go after the company.

"We see this lack of political will as a betrayal, not just of the taxi industry, but of everybody in this city," says Zahakos. "The City has not only failed to level the playing field, but it has undermined its own authority as a regulatory body."

"For a company to get up and say it intends to keep operating in the City of Toronto when it has just been asked to stop operations is completely unacceptable," Zahakos says. "We have been operating legally and ethically in this city for over 55 years. And now we are being asked to compete against a company that plays dirty and has no regard for the law. We welcome competition. But where's the level playing field?"

Uber's business practices and disregard of the law are coming under increasing scrutiny around the world as it faces a number of legal challenges, cease and desist orders and outright bans because of its lack of safety measures, comprehensive commercial insurance, and unfair business practices.

"We are no longer willing to stand by and watch a multi-billion dollar company flaunt the law," says Zahakos. "It is patently unfair that taxi drivers and Uber drivers can operate in the same city subject to different rules."

"The City continues to shackle us with rules and regulations while allowing bandit companies like Uber to get away scot-free. What the City is telling Uber is it's okay not to play by the rules, and we'll let you continue to do so while we figure out what to do with you," Zahakos says. "How is that leadership? This is the fourth largest city in North America, and the sixth largest government in Canada. And it's choosing to give a free ride to a company that has shown no respect for the law."

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