LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Oct. 6, 2015) - The Football Club "Steaua Bucuresti" announced that starting from today, the 6th October, NetBet - the first gaming, betting and poker site to have a license in Romania - is officially a partner of the club.

This strong alliance between Romania's most awarded football club and the most dynamic Romanian gaming site covers the entire season and aims to favor all parties implied, including Steaua's fans and NetBet's customers.

The newly formed partnership is based on common goals like performance and of course, football.

For Steaua, this partnership serves the club's strategy of strengthening their playing capacity and the force of their brand - for which, NetBet is definitely the ideal partner since they provide the knowhow and the means to promote the club's image in the online environment, among their customers, on social networks and basically, on every media channel that they cover.

On the other hand, NetBet instantly took up the idea of forming an alliance with Romania's most appreciated, most famous and best performing football club. This partnership - on the field, on websites, in promotional campaigns, in gaming, on social networks and among the customers - will guarantee NetBet's prestige and leadership of the Romanian gaming market.

FC Steaua and NetBet will launch joint promotional projects and provide their fans with great football matches or excellent betting odds as well as bonuses, promotions or invitations to main events and many more exclusive surprises. Furthermore, the two partners target to increase the number of football fans which is an essential objective of all parties involved.

This alliance means that the Football Club "Steaua Bucuresti" will join NetBet's prestigious gallery of official partners: West Bromwich Albion (UK), Saint-Etienne (France), VFL-Gummerbach (Germany) and the legendary Dan Petrescu (Romania).

Valeriu Argaseala, President of "Steaua Bucuresti", declared: "Steaua represents a football team, but also a brand which was born prior to most of us and will last long after we are gone. It is our duty to achieve high performance on the field as well as to ensure the brand's persistence. We made the right move in associating with a strong and dynamic online representative since modern brands' evolution mostly happens in the online environment. It is safe to declare that NetBet is the right choice for our objective. I foresee a great season for football playing as well as for the club's image."

Alexandre Mangaud, CMO NetBet Global, declared: "Football is the very essence of our product and betting on football events provides the most important part of our income. We did not choose this industry just for business's sake, but mostly for football - with its emotions, surprises and its wonderful capacity of bringing people together - a passion that NetBet and 'Steaua Bucuresti' share for a lifetime. In Romania, 'Steaua Bucuresti' stands for all these values which is why, we enthusiastically join this partnership knowing that together, we will serve football better than we could have ever done independently."

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