LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - Oct. 6, 2015) - Major cities around the world are beginning to embrace the idea of the smart city. Both through inclusive social programmes and sustainable practices, this is the model to which all cities should aspire in the 21st century. The Autumn issue of The New Economy takes a look at which cities are doing the most to improve modern urban living.

"Heralding the settlements of the future, certain cities have pushed in every way possible to meet the growing needs of their citizens", says The New Economy report. By utilising the latest technological advancements and cooperating with local education institutions, smart cities have been able to grow and prosper, while at the same attracting international interest and acclaim.

From Rotterdam to Mannheim, The New Economy report looks at the places that show us what the cities of the future could look like. "These places have stood out as unique this year, making the most of local cultures while pushing the boundaries of the future", says the report. "In doing so, they are giving citizens and planners something to be proud of."

To read the report on smart cities, as well as the biggest stories in technology, energy, business and strategy, the new issue of The New Economy is available in print, on mobile devices and online now.

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