SAN FRANCISCO, CA and LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Oct 6, 2015) - Huddle, the leader in secure collaboration tools for enterprise and government, today announced that Feeding Forward, a social enterprise start-up using technology to recover excess food from businesses and redistribute it to those in need, is using Huddle to operate more efficiently by collaborating and tracking content and projects. Feeding Forward is one of several highly successful nonprofits supported by the Huddle Foundation, a program that provides Huddle licenses to non-profits around the globe.    

Feeding Forward is headquartered in San Francisco and works with local businesses, corporations, large-scale event venues, and conferences to redistribute surplus food to local community agencies in need. The work requires Feeding Forward decision makers to manage the ongoing logistics and legal documentation for hundreds of projects at once, all while monitoring employee workload.

Quicker Achievements, Stronger Foundation

"We're growing incredibly fast," said Founder and CEO of Feeding Forward Komal Ahmad. "We have hundreds of food donors and recipient agencies that work with us, in dozens of different locations. One of the biggest pain points when you're dealing with large-scale logistics is maintaining a productive a workforce that works well, while moving quickly. The solutions we had before were bulky and hard to use, and we were having trouble onboarding new members and maintaining version control. With Huddle we can collaborate seamlessly, without worrying about documents being outdated or forgetting to loop in a team member on new changes."

The Feeding Forward team also benefits from Huddle's activities dashboard, using it to monitor on-going tasks for the entire internal team.

"Before Huddle we were using multiple products at once to try to address each need. It was almost impossible to keep tabs on everything -- at a time when we absolutely couldn't afford to let anything slip through the cracks," said Head of Operations Maen Mahfoud. Huddle provides us with a 360-degree overview of our daily operations in real-time and allows us to designate and execute on tasks accordingly. It's our operations command center."

Scaling From Small Idea to Major Organization

"Feeding Forward is such a standout company because they're taking the Silicon Valley principles of accelerating growth and optimizing on existing resources, and applying them to nonprofit work," said Morten Brogger, Huddle CEO. "With limited resources and budget, it is challenging for social enterprises to maintain the pace of new developments in IT, and we are proud of the progress that Feeding Forward has made in serving its clients by deploying Huddle."

Feeding Forward works regularly with large organizations like Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, and recently helped offload 6,300 pounds of food from an event there, which was re-distributed amongst local community agencies in need.

"We've been able to undertake projects that are orders of magnitude bigger than what we could have managed before," Mahfoud commented. "Huddle is a big part of that. For the Levi's Stadium project, we used Huddle to coordinate details in real-time and collaborate on strategy quickly in a way that would be next to impossible before Huddle. Being able to work more effectively means we're able to get more done and have the tools and bandwidth to act more strategically. We're looking forward to driving even more positive change as we continue to scale."

"As we move towards feeding 1 million people in the San Francisco Bay Area, we hope that Huddle will continue to grow and support us," says Ahmad. "Eradicating hunger and food waste is no easy feat, but we move one step closer every day. We greatly appreciate all the support and organizational capacity we've received and know this is just the beginning."


Learn more about how Feeding Forward uses Huddle by reading the full case study.
To learn more about how your non-profit organization can work with Huddle, visit the Huddle Foundation page.

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