SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 6, 2015) - Kuna, a smart WiFi camera built into an outdoor light fixture, announces today it has officially completed its shipment rounds to Indiegogo backers and pre-order customers, totaling thousands of units shipped.

Kuna's security system proactively alerts homeowners of possible intruders, rather than reacting to a break-in attempt and reporting it afterward. Once the system detects someone at the door, it will send an alert to the homeowner's mobile device. The homeowner then has the ability to watch a live video feed of who is at the door anytime, anywhere. Additional features include:

  • Two-way built-in intercom that enables the homeowner to speak to the person at the door or play pre-recorded messages
  • Built-in alarm to scare off potential intruders
  • Smart light features that can be set to a schedule or controlled via mobile device
  • Constant alarm engagement with no need to arm or disarm
  • Powered through the light fixture, which eliminates the need for batteries and provides better video quality with stronger features
  • Weather proof design to withstand outdoor temperatures and conditions

"We believe it's time for home security systems to become proactive rather than reactive," said Sai-Wai Fu, co-founder and CEO at Kuna Systems. "Kuna doesn't wait for an intruder to break in -- as a digital doorman, it alerts you of anyone coming up to your front, back, side or garage door, so you can quickly take action if needed. We're thrilled to have shipped our product to some of our most passionate backers, so they can immediately begin protecting their homes and families and achieve peace of mind." 

Originally launched via an Indiegogo campaign, Kuna surpassed its fundraising goal to raise $230,000 from backers. Since the campaign, Kuna has undergone various design, engineering and production advancements. The light fixture is currently available in three different models -- the Kuna Craftsman, Kuna Traditional and Kuna Contemporary -- to complement any home aesthetic. Additionally, homeowners can purchase look-alike Companion lights to pair with the original smart light fixture.

Kuna's shipping update also comes on the heels of a new firmware release, including updates to detection notifications, quicker recording uploads and an adjustment to the alarm feature to make it louder and more intimidating.

Kuna is priced at $199, with additional Companion units available. Models are available for purchase on Amazon through the Launchpad program or at

About Kuna Systems

Kuna is the first break-in prevention solution for homeowners. Consisting of a smart WiFi camera and intercom built into an outdoor light fixture, Kuna detects people at your doors and lets you see and interact with them through a live video feed on your smartphone. With total home entrance protection, homeowners can rest assured that Kuna will proactively prevent break-ins from occurring. For more information, visit

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