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Cloverpop Makes Business Decisions Less Painful and More Right

First-of-Kind Online Decision-Making Tool Helps Teams Make Great Decisions, Save 10 Hours of Discussion and Decide 10 Days Faster

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 6, 2015) -  Cloverpop today unveiled a free preview of the first online business decision-making solution designed to make decisions at work less painful and more right. The easy to use tool puts the proven but hard to adopt benefits of behavioral economics into action for real-life business teams in a non-scary, no PhD-required way. Cloverpop speeds decisions, increases buy-in and delivers better business results.

"Decisions are the fundamental management activity -- they are how work gets done," said Erik Larson, founder and CEO, Cloverpop. "Most managers know it's important to focus on the right priorities, brainstorm more choices and take a wider view, but that's easier said than done in our hectic business world. Only 2% of managers follow best practices on a regular basis. Cloverpop's goal is to get that to 100%."

How It Works: 10 Minutes to Save 10 Days

Cloverpop allows managers to make great decisions while saving 10 hours of discussion and deciding 10 days faster. The website guides managers and teams through a practical online process designed to apply best practices to arrive at the right decisions with confidence and speed.

Here's how it works:

1. Quickly frame your decisions with a flow that adapts to your situation. The questions clear your head, align what's important and simplify your decisions in about 10 minutes.

2. Get clear and efficient input from stakeholders. They weigh in with a similar flow, giving you a concise summary of which way the team is leaning.

3. Make and communicate your decisions with confidence. Analyze the risks and benefits. Decide. Explain your reasons why, and how team members contributed to your thinking.

4. Boost buy-in and automatically track results. See how much people support your decisions up front, and follow up on what happens.

"Reviewing other people's responses really gave me insight into where everyone else was," said Cloverpop beta tester Terri Coy, Manager, DocTech. "It made it a lot more clear compared to just talking ...because I could see and remember their thoughts. When you are just discussing something in a meeting it is easy to forget someone's concerns or misinterpret how much a certain concern means to someone. So, Cloverpop was very helpful and I could see right where everyone is."

Previewing the Future of Business Decision Making

Cloverpop spent two years perfecting the product, testing it with hundreds of managers and teams making thousands of business decisions. Now, with the preview release, Cloverpop will give the best possible experience to an even broader group while laying the groundwork for a new type of management tool.

"Everyone is becoming an information worker, this is what the transformation of the workplace is about," said Michael Fauscette, Group Vice President of IDC's Software Business Solutions. "Companies need to evolve from top-down hierarchy to much more distributed decision making -- it's the most important problem businesses have to solve."

"Because decisions are how work gets done, they are also powerful predictors of future company results, and simple benchmarks for improving performance," Larson said. "Most managers make a business decision every week, and executives make even more. Yet companies rarely track or support decision making in a simple and systematic way, so they are missing out on a powerful tool to achieve their goals. Cloverpop points the way to a simple and powerful new decision-based view of how companies work."

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In related releases, Cloverpop today announced $1.8M in seed funding lead by True Ventures and TDF Ventures, and released the results of four research projects including a joint study with researchers at Stanford Graduate School of Business. The studies found that a focus on decision making is three times more likely to deliver results than goal setting.

About Cloverpop

Cloverpop is on a mission to make decisions at work less painful and more right. Our San Francisco-based company is putting the awesome but mostly untapped benefits of behavioral economics into action for real-life business teams in a non-scary, no PhD-required way. Cloverpop's easy-to-use online solution speeds decisions, increases buy-in and delivers better business results.

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