SimplifiED Summit Attracts Top Minds in Education Technology

Hosted in Los Angeles as part of 'Innovation Week,' EdTech Summit lays groundwork for classroom of the future

Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hundreds of key decision makers in the higher education sector gathered in Los Angeles today for the SimplifiED Summit, a new and compelling edtech conference dedicated to exploring the ever-changing landscape of education & technology.

Presented by Kivuto Solutions, SimplifiED Summit is an annual event that brings institutional decision makers in education together with members of the tech community to tackle today's biggest challenges facing academic leaders.

"The success of today's event proves that when it comes to technology in the classroom, the time for turning big ideas into real action is now," said Gustavo Sanchez, Director of Marketing at Kivuto. "We're so pleased to be producing an annual event that attracts some of the top minds in education to gather, discuss and move forward solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing schools and students today."

After a highly successful inaugural event in 2014 in Ottawa, Canada, Kivuto advanced its annual Summit to the US west coast. Today's event took place in Los Angeles, as part of 'Innovation Week' and hosted a lineup of world-class speakers, including a keynote address by Education Futures founder, Dr. John Moravec.Education Futures LLC.

"In order to be competitive in tomorrow's workforce, students will need to be creative, imaginative, and agile; they'll need to be able to work with anybody, anytime, anywhere," said Moravec. "To prepare for this, a fundamental shift in education is required – a focus on how we learn versus what we learn is imperative. Events like SimplifiED are so important because they provide a forum for education decision makers to discuss and explore the ideas and tools that help pave the way for real-world advancement in learning."

Key topics covered at this year's Summit included:

  • Personalizing education at scale
  • The ever-evolving mobile campus
  • The effects of digital learning resources on students, faculty and staff
  • Positive integration strategies for today's digital world

Additional speakers, included:

  • Dr. Michelle R. Weise - Executive Director Of The Innovation Lab At Southern New Hampshire University
  • Alan November - Senior Partner & Founder Of November Learning
  • Dr. Maureen Brown Yoder – Professor, Education Technology Department, Lesley University
  • Dr. Jeff D. Borden, Chief Innovation Officer, Saint Leo University
  • Dr. Joseph Paul Cevetello, Former Assistant Chief Information Officer, University of Southern California
  • Jonathan Huer, Director of Emerging Technologies and Media Development, Ball State University

"With all the innovation coming out of Los Angeles, hosting our 2015 Summit at UCLA, as part of 'Innovation Week,' was such a natural fit," added Sanchez. "We felt a seismic shift this year in terms of awareness and excitement around SimplifiED and what we're accomplishing with the series in terms of driving action. We're looking forward to continuing this momentum for years to come."

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